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Help buying $200-$300 Headphone.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jmotyka, Dec 12, 2013.
  1. jmotyka
    After trying to find an IEM that was perfect for me I have failed. I am wiping my hands clean from my search for iems.

    I would consider myself a beginner audiophile. I have a basic understanding of bass, mids, highs and soundstage. I am not a bass head per say but I do enjoy bass when listening to rap, pop and electronic music. What I'm trying to figure out is if I'm a neutral guy or a bass emphasis guy. From what I've read on here is that its easier to tune down a bass heavy headphone then tune up a neutral headphone.

    Now I've had my eyes on the seenheiser hd598's but from what I've read they lacking in the bass area. I want some input from you guys. I know that I sound indecisive but that's what you guys are here for. You guys are my Yoda. Please guide me in the right direction. Oh I am also looking into the hifiman he-300's too. Thanx in advance.
  2. jmotyka
    I'm also looking at the PSB h4u 1.
  3. Sir Tmotts III
    I'd look around for a Denon D2000 floating around the for sale forums, or pick up something from V-moda. If you listen to stuff other than what you listed more than 40% of the time, a Sennheiser HD25/Momentum, or the Sony MDR-1 are more your style.
    PS if you do think about the HD25, don't think about buy the Senn Amperior, it's the same thing, but made with aluminum, and I couldn't hear a difference.
  4. bpbutler95
    I would second what he said ^^^ another really nice pair that just came out would be the AKG K545, I would recommend checking those out.
  5. b0000
    open headphones will mostly dissapoint you in bass quantity. The exceptions are orthodynamic headphones, hd650, and a few others that i don't know about [​IMG].
    try finding a used pair of hifiman he-400. you will be in audio bliss if you do. a used pair of denon d2000 will also do.
    If you cant, try the v-moda m-100 (plenty of sub-bass) or the dt880 (balanced, with bass and treble emphasized a bit)
  6. TheBoss

    Sony Professional 7520 is getting rave reviews around here lately.

    It looks and feels industrial... so you shouldn't wince when you take it outdoors or toss/drop it by accident.

    notable features:
    - liquid crystal polymer drivers
    - detachable cable
    - Sony Professional grade!

  7. jmotyka
    I appreciate the advice guys but I ended up purchasing the ultrasone dj1 pros at a killer deal on amazon for $30.23! Yea buddy!
  8. DrunkenTiger
    Are the VMODA M100s actually circumaural? I love how my Logitech G35s go around my ears and don't touch them directly.
  9. Schonen
    I don't find 558/598 lacking in bass, it is just not lots of bass. They do have accentuated mids though. If you play a song with lots of bass you will get bass, if the song is lacking in bass then so will the headphones, as it should be.
    If you want accentuated bass look at beyerdynamic DT990pro, they are not overly bassy though.
  10. alterndog
    Personally I found the 598s lacking in bass. I think it depends on the type of music you listen to. Acoustic rock, blue grass, soft rock, oldies, pre 1980s rock and folk music are great for them as the soundstage and details are great. Any pop, rap, raggae, EDM you can definitely tell they are lacking. I returned mine and got the HE300 which I definitely feel are a more all-rounder than the 598. They are definitely less comfortable and the soundstage is definitely smaller, but the bass hits that spot for a casual EDM, pop and reggae listener while not destroying the experience with rock (I rather like them. 

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