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HEK Rear Strips Mod

  1. Maxx134
    Here are the first initial and easiest HEK mods,
    I call, the rear strips (sissy) mods.

    For the HiFiMan HE 1000..

    What this mod does:
    1-Wake up its laid back midrange...
    2-Elevated its foggy micro detailing from obscurity.
    3-Give it's trebles more presence..
    4-Realize & retrieve it's layered soundstage from the current ghostly imaging.
    5-Revive some hidden potential,
    like was done to the HD800.

    This will be a reversable mod,
    With 4 levels of choices, but is a starting example for you to try .

    OK so onto the mod...
    It needs to be critically placed at the key locations I will post in pic, to avoid tonality or soundstage issues.

    So this is done by adding a small strip of damping material in two key locations of the rear of each cup.

    You will need two strips per side,
    For a total of four strips,
    long enough to reach end to end.

    Here is a pic in bright colors for examples.
    Look ma, orange peels!
    Just kiddn, it's creatology foam in orange for illustration purposes.
    Reminder, these two strips need be in these exact locations to avoid any tonality issues.
    Here is is with felt, my 1st choice of material.
    This mod is deceivingly simple,
    Yet critically placed for preserving tonality & soundstage.

    OK, so now onto the four choices of materials:
    I have numbered them to note both material and sonic preferences:
    1- my first choice, a single layer felt strip.
    A detailed, lively and spacious presentation.
    2- dual felt strip, for some treble attenuation to make more neutral on brighter units without any other loss.
    3- felt with creatology on top.
    softens trebles further and also softens upper mids. Maybe most neutral but midrange is not as lively on some units.
    4- single creatology strip.
    My first mod giving a liquid smooth tonality and most treble attenuation,
    but midrange presentation is more intimate than others with a bit less percieved bass.

    These are the first initial easy mods and can be combined various materials.

    The only "rule" is to place them on the exact row pictured.
  2. silverbot01
    I just happened upon this and I think I'll have to try it on my v1. Doesn't seem as scary as the acoustic coupler mod, hah.

    So it just rests on the mesh and between the metal bars on its own? Should stay in place?
  3. Maxx134
    Forgot maybe to state those materials have an adhesive side which is gentle and not messy.

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