1. Maxx134

    HEK Rear Strips Mod

    Here are the first initial and easiest HEK mods, I call, the rear strips (sissy) mods. :) For the HiFiMan HE 1000.. What this mod does: 1-Wake up its laid back midrange... 2-Elevated its foggy micro detailing from obscurity. 3-Give it's trebles more presence.. 4-Realize & retrieve it's...
  2. Maxx134

    HEK Acoustic Coupler Mod

    HEK Acoustic Coupler Mod: Introduction/Preface: Today we will give the HEKV1 the maximum mods to bring it closer to a HEKV2... Ok here we go... My take , personally is that HEK V1 presentation was definitely intentional to be a surreal large extended soundstage. Just like the HD800 was...
  3. Maxx134


    Introduction/Preface: Hello again, for those that don't know me I am the creator of the HEKV1 mods: ** "Rear strips" mod ** "Acoustic Coupler" mod ** "Rear damping" mod They have been out about a year but only on *(redacted). I had planned to post these here quite a while ago so apologies for...