Headphones under $150?
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Aug 28, 2012
I'm looking for a pair thats:
On ear or over ear
Good sound
Thats it.
I am looking for some headphones with the above features, and I would prefer they have a carrying case, but its not a selling point. I'm going to buy some Beats Solo HD from a friend, but I figured before I spent that money I'd see if I had any other options in my price range. I'm looking for a new pair, the ones that jumped out at me the most were some of Shure's cheaper models. The Klipsch Image ones also seemed good, but a little expensive ( I would prefer to stay under the $120 mark, but 150 is a better benchmark number)
I would like a detachable chord (not a selling point, either)
Also, every pair of seinnheisers I've tried on have been extremely uncomftorable. I bought some 201's a while ago and had to sell them because I could not stand them. I own a pair of Bose AE2's right now and want a cheaper pair I can feel better about bringing it around on road trips and letting it get banged up. The AE2's just dont seem all that durable to me.
Sorry if i made any mistakes, new member.
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Hey there :) Welcome to head-fi.
I'll just go ahead and say it before anyone else does, stay away from the beats, especially the solo's. They are just terrible at their price point.
Based on your criteria, I'd suggest the the ATH-M50 and the Skullcandy Aviator's. You can find both under $150 new, and they both sound quite good. I'd say you could find even better sounding headphones in that price range, but you'd be sacrificing portability as most don't fold up.
Good luck to your search!
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Shure SRH750DJ's. Fold up, have a case, have a detachable cord, and sound very nice.
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I've narrowed it down to a couple models I think. This is mostly because of the price tag
Also, I am aware of the beats value. I've been a lurker trying to learn, just created an account today though. The models I am liking are:
SRH440 http://www.shure.com/americas/products/earphones-headphones/headphones/srh440-professional-studio-headphones
SRH550DJ http://www.shure.com/americas/products/earphones-headphones/headphones/srh550dj-professional-quality-dj-headphones
HD 280 PRO http://www.sennheiserusa.com/professional-dj-headphones-HD-280-PRO_004974
Ultrasone HFI-450 http://www.ultrasone.com/index.php/en/products/hfi-450.html
All of these headphones fold up, they are all said to have pretty good sound quality. The one thing I am having trouble is comfort, which is HUGE for me. On ear or over ear doesn't make a ton of difference, but they all fit my criteria. So right now I just want some opinions on these headphones. I think I have learned about them pretty good, but I am totally in dark for the comfort. I had heard some less than flattering things about one of the SRH models. (not sure if it was the 440's or a cheaper model) So which of these models are the most comftorable and have the best sound?
I listen to music on my iPhone, and watch movies on my laptop and TV. I like a lot of bass, but I'd rather have good sounding bass than a long loose boom.
I greatly appreciate your help!
(NOTE:I did not mean for them all to be the same price, it just ended up that way, haha)
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Hey there :) Welcome to head-fi.
I'll just go ahead and say it before anyone else does, stay away from the beats, especially the solo's. They are just terrible at their price point.

He's offering a pair of Solo HD's for $90. They're in pretty good condition, but I figured for a few bucks more I could get a brand new set.
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It just depends I guess...
I love the Shure SRH440s but I didn't like the earpads. So I bought SRH840 pads and put them on the 440s (yes, the earpads are replaceable...) and they felt way better. BUT some people simply don't like the "fit" of the 440s to begin with...
Anyway, a decent sounding headphone that I found comfortable on your price range was the Beyer DT770 PRO 80... but on this price range you should have enough to pick from. Sound-wise I would put the SRH840 --> DT770 PRO (bass!!!!) --> SRH440 w840 pads. --> Senns HD 280 Pro.
(I haven't tried the others you mentioned sorry).
Good luck!
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I kind of want to stick with a name brand, I think I am going to go with the senn's, because they seem pretty popular so I know they are tried and true, and everyone says theyre pretty durable
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My 280s clamped pretty hard when I first got them, but after stretching them over some DVDs for a day they were fine. Now the amount of force is very good for my tastes, they form to my head and never come close to falling off, isolate well and don't bother me in the least. Haven't used the others so I can't comment.
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Are Soul's any good? I found a pair of SL150's for only $125.
The reviews I have read complain about the bass, but I couldn't really understand if they meant the quality of the bass was bad, or if there was too much.
For that price I could get some AT-M50's, or the Ultrasone HFI 580. But the Soul's get pretty good reviews, and are comftorable. I'm in the dark about some problem with the bass though.

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