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Headphones and DAC for iOS and pc

  1. ghiekorg
    Hi everyone,
    this is my first post. I am Piero from Switzerland.
    I have a really limited knowledge and i ask your help before buying headphones and DAC. First of all, I explain to you my situation:
    - I would use them at home, so I do not need isolation, for listening, playing and recording/mixing. I love clear and wide sounds where each instrument can be heard distinctly in the mix and for my mix i love to play with panning. Also i don't play acoustic instruments that can mess up with the open back.
    - I have a couple of musical projects, one ambient and a bit special one where I cover famous metal songs using only synth and drums. For these projects I use ONLY the iPad, for everything: from sounds to recording to mixing, to mastering, to video editing. It may look like a stupid choice and maybe it is, but I started to run it when I was traveling a lot by train and now I'm comfortable with it.
    - I would like to use them to listen to music and watch videos or movies, of course. Mostly rock / metal / prog and electric guitarists.
    - My biggest doubt is about impedance and which DAC. I was thinking of red dragonfly that works with both pc and iOS, as I already own the connection kit with usb3, and it is small.

    Due to local availability (in switzerland there's no amazon) and reviews I was thinking about the beyerdynamic DT990 32ohm + dragonfly red (quite difficult to find here).

    Can they be fine or you suggest something else?
    In case, better take the dragonfly first or the headphones? At the moment i use a pair of 60$ sennheizer but they are somehow old and quite uncomfortable so i will change them anyway.
    My budget is around 400$
    thank you
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    You can use the O2-ODAC manufactured by Head-N-HiFi right there in Switzerland.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2017
  3. ghiekorg
    Thank you, I will check it in detail. But the price is almost 300$ so if I add the headphones I will go out of budget I guess...

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