1. Steve Guppy

    Which music player and why?

    I'm currently an avid fan of Neutron, having switched from PowerAMP a year or two ago. I started off with cheap in-ears plugged straight into my phone, and have gradually progressed to a dedicated dac/amp feeding good iem's via a 2.5mm balanced connection. But reading through various posts here...
  2. N

    Is AAC worse on Android than iOS?

    Found this article interesting Anecdotally I have always found there to be something better about Bluetooth on iOS and this only really changed when I started using the Sony 1000 m2/m3s and LDAC with Tidal Hifi...
  3. Edifier W675BT On-ear Bluetooth v4.1 Headphones Foldable with NFC Connect 40mm Drivers

    Edifier W675BT On-ear Bluetooth v4.1 Headphones Foldable with NFC Connect 40mm Drivers

    On-ear Controls The W675BT on-ear controls picks up calls, adjusts music playback, and volume controls. The controls are situated on earcup for simple access and fast to touch. These also have NFC functionality that allows sync by holding the NFC device to the headphones. Lossless Wireless and...
  4. Sarcasmo

    Lightning to micro USB alternatives (aka tired of bulky Apple cables)

    For those of us that want to stream music from an iPhone/iPad to a DAC (Hugo/FiiO Alpen etc) with a micro USB input the choice has been somewhat limited of late. I tend to use this type of setup when mobile, so I want the cables to be as compact as possible. This has meant the more traditional...
  5. maximus69

    I need help to make sure i am bypassing internal dac on ipad

    Hoping for some clarification here :) I stream tidal from ipad pro2 to aune t1se with lightning usb 3 camera adapter. It appears to be using the dac in the aune. It shows sound connection to “aune t1” on my ipad. I can control volume from BOTH the ipad and the aune. I just got a burson...
  6. r333d

    EQE: Systemwide parametric equalizer for iOS (jailbreak)

    Hey everyone, I'm the developer of EQE which is a systemwide parametric EQ for iOS. It can be downloaded for free off of Cydia (jailbreak required), and is compatible with iOS 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Why I made this - A while back I was trying to find a suitable parametric EQ for smartphones and...
  7. G

    Headphones and DAC for iOS and pc

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I am Piero from Switzerland. I have a really limited knowledge and i ask your help before buying headphones and DAC. First of all, I explain to you my situation: - I would use them at home, so I do not need isolation, for listening, playing and...
  8. bpandbass

    Astell and Kern Kann Digital Out and iOS Device Compatibility?

    Hey folks, I wanted to ask something knowledgeable within this community who may be able to help me with a question I had about potentially buying the Astell and Kern Kann to use as my portable rig with my full-size headphones. I currently use the Chord Mojo with my iPhone 7, and I was looking...
  9. eddiek997

    iOS 11 now supports FLAC.

    This is kind of big news that might have slipped by unnoticed.... source here
  10. jbeez

    Looking for some portable DAC recommendations. Requirements with-in.

    Hello, I have a rig setup in my car using an ipad mini 4 as a source unit, i go lightning out to a USB3 camera connection kit, out of there currently to a Zhilai Audio H2 dac. Toslink out of that to a Helix DSP in my trunk, I control all the volume with a helix director remote. I'm not sure of...
  11. Yaroslav

    Ultraportable Lightning DACs Thread

    Here's an attempt to make a list of all Lightning-based DACs. WHY The iPhone comes with a lame "adapter" now, or, rather, a very simple AMP/DAC. Cheap, very thin wire that looks like it will break in 2-3 months, not enough to drive most headphones, white rubber coating gets dirty easily...
  12. rshev

    HOWTO find which codec is used between iOS device and bluetooth headphones

    Was just curious this weekend (I'm an iOS engineer by day) how to find out which codec your iOS device uses to communicate to bluetooth headphones. There are numerous tutorials on this matter for macOS (OSX) on the Internet, Alt+Click, Bluetooth Explorer and friends, but nothing on iOS. That's...