Heading To CanJam London? Have Dinner With The Sennheiser Audiophile Team!
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Experience the latest products from the industry’s leading brands and listen to your music like never before at CanJam London. After an exciting first day at the show, we'd like to bring four (4) members of the community out with us for dinner. It is a great chance to meet the Sennheiser Audiophile Team, including Axel Grell, Audiophile Portfolio Manager and Senior Acoustic Engineer of iconic products such as the Sennheiser HD 800. Time and location once we choose four (4) very lucky winners!

To enter for a chance to win:

- Leave a comment below letting us know if you're attending CanJam London and would like to have dinner with us!

*Sennheiser will not provide travel or accommodation to CanJam London*

**Contest runs from today through Friday, June 23, 2017 @ 12PM EST - Winners will be randomly selected on Monday, June 26th @ 12PM EST. Winners will be identified within this thread and will also receive direct messages from us**
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It was amazing to meet the team behind Sennheiser at their original unveiling of the HE-1, which featured musical wonder, Imogen Heap - and it would be all sorts of wonderful to have dinner with Sennheiser to laugh, talk about the present and future of products, and to also eat some scrumptious food!

Good luck to those who enter, and congratulations to those who get chosen!

See you at CanJam London!
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So many good things happening this year at Canjam! Where to even begin. I would love to meet the team though. I'll be coming to both days so I'm all ready.
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It would be amazing to have a chance to meet the team! So many things I'd like to ask..
Count me in! This promises to be a CanJam to remember :)
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I will be in London for 3 or 4 days and I look forward to 2 days of canjam. Dinner with the Sennheiser team would be the cherry on the cake.
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This is an amazing opportunity! I'll be attending Canjam on both days this year, the staff at the Sennheiser exhibits have always been friendly and helpful.
Whoever wins this is incredibly lucky as dinner is a perfect way to have a discussion as everyone is semi-concentrating on having their food, and therefore their attention will be focussed on the table.
I love talking about electronics and engineering problems, I wish that we could live in a world where people equally enjoy conversing, but there are realities.

Thank you Sennheiser for making this happen and good luck everyone!
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I will be attending CanJam London, as an engineer I would love to have a chat with the team over at Sennheiser behind all the technical prowess. :)
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This sounds amazing, I'd love to have this opportunity! I'll be volunteering behind the scenes, and I've already booked my slot to hear the HE-1! :)
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Canjam London 2017, here we go again. Wouldn't miss it for the world!
I'd love to meet the Sennheiser engineering team. Being a Sennheiser fanboy since forever (my first pair of headphones were the HD414), I have so many questions I'd like to ask the: how they voice their products, manage consistency in production, HRTF targets, future DSP solution, etc.

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