axel grell
  1. Heyyoudvd

    Former Sennheiser engineer Axel Grell made a $200 pair of ANC true wireless earbuds - the TWS/1

    Axel Grell may be the most legendary name in the entire headphone world, given that he’s the man behind Sennheiser’s biggest hits, including the 580/600/650, the 800, and even the Orpheus. After leaving the company and founding Grell Audio in 2019, it was said that he was working on some...
  2. Sennheiser

    Heading To CanJam London? Have Dinner With The Sennheiser Audiophile Team!

    Experience the latest products from the industry’s leading brands and listen to your music like never before at CanJam London. After an exciting first day at the show, we'd like to bring four (4) members of the community out with us for dinner. It is a great chance to meet the Sennheiser...