Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

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  1. aldavey
    Blue, Blue, Blue :smile_phones:
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  2. joseph69
    The "dark silver" color has a bluish tint to it.
    I know this from others who received their orders before me, and ordered the "dark silver" and reported that it had a blueish tint. I changed my mind and ordered the silver instead after finding this out.

    Never knew there was a "champagne" BHSE, though.

    EDIT: Sorry for the misinformation saying "dark silver" had the bluish tint.
    I did mean "dark gray" as you can read in this post.
    I also like the "champagne" color it has a nice vintage look to it.
  3. HeadAmpTeam
    The Champagne color is a new limited edition, 10 total pieces, bead-blasted finish as opposed to the standard polished. Will be shipping in 6 weeks. Available with RK50 volume control only.


    Here's an updated image of the color choices, now also on the BHSE product page @ headamp.com

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  4. Whitigir
    Oh, I thought they were anodized color :D, but that bead plaster is very nice indeed
  5. joseph69
    Good photos, you can definitely see the bluish tint in the "Gray" color.
  6. paradoxper
    Actual photo representation of all the examples is the way to go. Otherwise, you guys look cheap.
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  7. SeaWo|f
    I would almost call gray a gunmetal. It's a neat look. But to me purple is just sick, and I mean that in the most positive way.
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  8. Ali-Pacha
    Gray all over the way. Still blue, but not that obvious smurf-like / european bathroom blue :D

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  9. DrJeckyl
    Oh happy day
  10. DrJeckyl
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  11. heyyeh
    Can anyone enlighten me as to how the name "Blue Hawaii" came about?
  12. alcyst
    There is a(n Elvis) Presley movie, Blue Hawaii.

    But I have a feeling that this Wikipedia extract is more appropriate;
    The Blue Hawaii is a tropical cocktail made of rum, pineapple juice, Curaçao, sweet and sour mix, and sometimes vodka as well. It should not be confused with the similarly named Blue Hawaiian cocktail (also known as the Swimming Pool cocktail) that contains creme of coconut instead of sweet and sour mix.

    Think; audio meet, long day, relaxed conversation, “you know what would be better”, napkins......
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  13. soren_brix
  14. heyyeh
    Thanks, soren_brix. From the designer himself!
    Very good guess, alcyst.
    Now all clear to me! Thanks.
  15. richardlu
    Want to see whether I can get help here. So I bought a BHSE with a voltage input of 230V back then when I worked in Asia. Since I live the US now, can I switch the voltage input back into 110V without disassemble it? Or is it a good idea to buy a normal voltage transformer (I know there are lots of hifi electricity source on the market with voltage converter which costs thousands but Idk whether it is a good idea to invest tons of money in electricity sources).

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