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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by audiosceptic, Aug 13, 2009.
  1. Ali-Pacha
    When you get your BHSE, you're done. Obviously you're still looking at DIY T2, GG, Carbon maybe, you're followin mafia's insane experiments, keep some curiosity about new from the headphones world, but if you like 009 or 007 sound through BHSE, you'll have a hard time be impressed by anything else. Different, yes. Better, no.
    I'm still lurking around high end, have more or less extensively listened to top tier stuff (HE-1, Susvara, Abyss, Shangri-La, Utopia, etc...) as well as regular stuff, even from over 10k amps, and there's nothing telling me "it's better, I want to change". BTW, the other cans I like quite much and have a drive to investigate more are HD800 (which I own but with humble amping) and HE-6 (dat bass / tactility :anguished:)

    Looking at resale, depends on each's situation, and there are indeed arnaud and another one who have sold their unit in few time.
    Priorities change (family, other hobby), financial situation changes sometimes, some post-coïtal tristesse can occur, but when you have time and desire to listen to music through high-end can, you rarely get rid of this masterpiece :D

  2. soren_brix
    ...have a listen to the CFA ... MWL168 just did a real slick one
  3. nepherte
    Just when you think the BHSE is your end game, you see a beautiful DIY T2 coming up for sale. Makes you drool all over again...

    There are indeed some who sell their BHSE after a while. Some upgrade to a DIY T2 (in my opinion still a step up), or some change to a Carbon or one of the other KG designs. Rarely do I see someone sell it because they dislike it (not saying there are none though).

    HeadAmp is one of the few companies where you truly get something in return for your money. And by that, I'm not even talking about the sound, but things like parts, engineering, etc.
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  4. aldavey
    Lets say a BHSE is $6500, a T2 is probably going to cost someone who is lucky enough to commission a good DIY builder about circa $10,000 or thereabouts. Anyone going to give me a steer on whether the price difference is that audible? Understand everything is subjective. BTW I'm coming from the perspective of a 009/Carbon owner who is very happy with that combination, but we all know, how can we get MORE..
  5. SeaWo|f
    If you back read most would say that yes there is a noticeable difference. Even people who don't offer an opinion often like KG said he had a 'T2 moment' if I am not mistaken. Although there are one or two who have said they prefer another amp for various reasons. I think Spritzer eventually decided he finds the T2 to be a bit colored so he still opts for the carbon more. My memory is always a bit questionable so if anyone needs to correct that please do. The only other amp at the moment that I have seen referenced as on the level of the T2 is the KG circlotron which if you want GL with that..
    Right now the level below that seems to be occupied by the BHSE, Carbon, GG, and Megatron. As far as people selling BHSE like Ali said a lot of the time its other factors. Someone just sold a T2 recently btw.

    It will be very interesting to see what Justin has come up with for his new stats amp. I hope sometime soon he can show or talk a little about it.
  6. paradoxper
    YES. But really, all the options above are great.
  7. nepherte
    The DIY T2 is audibly better. But in all fairness, having a BHSE myself, don't expect a huge difference. People here tend to blow things up. They switch a cable or tube and they here a massive difference ... YMMV :smirk:
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  8. JimL11
    I agree. To use a Stereophile-type ranking:

    Class A+: DIY T2

    Class A: BHSE, Carbon, GG and Megatron.

    Class B: KGSSHV, KGST and SRX Plus.

    I've heard the KGST, SRX Plus and BHSE, but not the others. This ranking is based on reports from other Head-Fiers and reports elsewhere on the web. Within each category some may prefer one or another amp.

    The commercial Stax amps (SRM-006, 007, 717, 727) rank below those listed above.

    At a certain point you have to stop listening to amps and start listening to music.
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  9. mulveling Contributor
    I pretty much agree with JimL's rankings for what I've heard: DIY T2, BHSE, KGSShv and KGST. I do rate the BHSE a bit above Carbon, but I tend to prefer tubes. Though these would be idealized Stereophile Class rankings; SP makes a damn mess of their own rankings.

    I'd have bought/commissioned a DIY T2 by now if I hadn't sunk so much cash into my 2ch/vinyl rig this year (so, so much); that has taken #1 priority. But DIY T2 with 009 is still the ultimate headphone rig in my mind.
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  10. gilency Contributor
    I have had extended listening opportunities for the T2 and BH at meets.
    Megatron is at the same level (IMHO).
    Having the KGSShv also, I prefer the Megatron.
    My next build will be the carbon or GG. Just can't make my mind between the 2 of them.
  11. Rossliew
    Does the Megatron have the typical lush tube sound?
  12. Whitigir
    Megatron is a tube galore....tubes and tubes everywhere
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  13. SeaWo|f
    In the Megatron thread there are a bunch of sonic comparisons to other KG amps. It will give a good idea of its signature. I doubt based on who designed the Megatron that it is inherently lush, but with the right tubes you probably could bring it in that direction.

    It's amazing to think that the BHSE was designed about 10 years ago and the T2 ~25 years ago.

    What sounds good now will always, just look at the market for vintage speakers.

    To the point that was raised about the pace of posting slowing here, it's not that the bhse has been passed by.. I think it has to do with headamp being more on top of orders. Cut out the conversations related to the anticipation of amp arrival and the post count would be much lower overall.
  14. Rossliew
    8 x EL34 is not going to be cheap to roll tubes
  15. JimL11
    Not to mention, doubles as a space heater - 80 watts from the EL34 filaments alone.:o2smile:
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