Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

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    Thanks everyone for the input. For now, a shelf extension is going to be the way to start.

    I'm a Schiit-head because of their fabulous bang for the buck. I think Justin is doing the same here, giving us the best he can for what seems to be minimal profit. Reading from the beginning of this thread has given me great insight into just how hard it was for him to do what he has done to get to this evidently sustainable point. I was worried at many times that he was going to say to hell with it all and throw in the towel.

    Thanks Peter James of HeadAmp for getting back to me quickly thanking me for the order and confirming the 4-6 week wait as per the website. It's great to see Justin finally has been able to get the administrative help he has desperately needed over the years.

    I'm up to Page 287 now. This thread reads like a Harlequin Romance novel- tales of angst and desperation waiting for nirvana to arrive, buyers frantically clawing for each piece of new information that tells them that the Day of Enlightenment is going to happen after all. I waited 7 years for an Astro-Physics 140 mm refractor (the BHSE of telescopes) and was ready to go the distance again, but its great that that appears to no longer be the case.

    I wish that HeadAmp would label the colors on their ticker of BHSE pics. The black, purple, and blue are obvious, the silver is pretty straight forward especially since I've seen it many times in the previous 287 pages, but my nuts are in a bind deciphering dark silver and grey. And now I find that turquoise and champagne are listed too, but there are no links to pics. Maybe I'll come upon some in the next 280 pages?

    I ordered black originally. But now that I've seen the silver faceplate and rings on some good quality posts, I think that's what I want instead. From a distance, I can't see the markings on the black face as well as the silver, and I want to see them easily, even across the room where my couch is. And since all my Schiit gear is silver, that's the way I likely will go. But HeadAmp, let me see good quality pics of all the colors so I can be sure. I'm sure others would appreciate them too.

    I never, ever was going to get into tube gear no matter how cool it looked or sounded because I didn't want to get sucked down the rabbit hole of tube rolling looking for that extra 0.00613% of sonic bliss. Okay so I FU'ed here and ordered a BHSE, but I swear I'm going to stick to the stock tubes and block all of you tube talkers from driving me to addiction! "The Sicilian" (wife) refuses to lose me again to "Those Headphone Men"!!!!

    Once I'm done catching up here, I'm gonna go over to "The Other Site Which Shall Not Be Named" and dig around there, all the while trying not to get beat up too badly!!! Definitely a generally more polite crew over here.
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  2. SeaWo|f
    If you click all the way through the pictures they have added PSU front panels showing the turquoise and champagne. Not sure how to show the differences between dark silver/grey unless they posted a shot of front panels next to each other. Black is a gloss look so that is pretty clear.


    I think the top left is either dark silver or grey

    the bottom left is a one off green if I am not mistaken

    Edit :: found something that might give an idea of what grey vs dark silver looks like

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    Wow, that Dark Silver is sharp! Looks like my brushed nickel faucets and door knobs.

    Decisions, decisions... and I just emailed Peter at HeadAmp to change my Black BHSE order to Silver!!!

    Like Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) says near the end of The Godfather Part III,
    “Just when you think you get out, they drag you back in!”
  4. joseph69
    The "dark silver" color has a bluish tint to it.
    I know this from others who received their orders before me, and ordered the "dark silver" and reported that it had a blueish tint.
    I changed my mind and ordered the silver instead after finding this out.
    Never knew there was a "champagne" BHSE, though.

    EDIT: Sorry for the misinformation saying "dark silver" had the bluish tint.
    I did mean "dark gray" as you can read in this post.
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    Okay Dark Silver BHSE owners. How about some quality pics to help us out???
  6. heyyeh
    I put my order for a Dark Silver BHSE recently and would also like to see what that bluish tint looks like. Thanks.
  7. justin w. Contributor
    Peter is here right now at HeadAmp HQ, it's 4am right now, but later we'll get a better photo of this for the website, showing all the colors.

    The 'dark silver' isn't so much darker than silver as it is a little less reflective
    Gray is the color that tends to look slightly blue / slate
    The new champagne also has a little red in it, maybe 10-20% between pure light gold and Apple rose gold

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  8. heyyeh

    Thanks, Justin. Just what I needed to confirm my choice of Dark Silver is what I expected. Beautiful colors!!!
  9. aldavey
    Very glad you don't follow the Henry ford philosophy.
  10. Rossliew
    Still think blue is best :)
  11. aldavey
    It's a BLUE Hawaii, no contest IMHO
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  12. wink
    What happened to red and green?

    You could also try chartreuse, if you could work out what colour that was......:ksc75smile:
  13. aldavey
    Well as you probably know Chartreuse, a quite delicious liqueur, is Chartreuse in colour, so you have a reference.
  14. Whitigir
    I still like Black the best :) and next up is Silver. That is amazing though, for BHSE to come in so many different color
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  15. Rossliew
    Silver is pretty amazing. I find the black too normal looking.

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