Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by audiosceptic, Aug 13, 2009.
  1. Whitigir
    I don’t think there would be any problem contacting Justin @HeadAmpTeam and tell him your intentions.
  2. HeadAmpTeam
    There is some disassembly required to change the amplifier from 230V to 115V or vice versa. Please email us if you would like to discuss the options further. sales@headamp.com

    You can successfully run it with a voltage converter, we recommend you use one of at least 500W capacity. I have done this a number of times overseas with no issues, and no ill effect to the sound performance.
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  3. richardlu
    OK get it. Thank you for the help.

    I've finished up all 610 pages of this thread from its beginning on 8/13/2009. The pace of posting has certainly and significantly declined in the last year.

    Previous batches generated hyperventilation as buyers clambered for updates and pictures nearly daily. Now the excitement and traffic has dropped to just about nothing.
    Maybe everyone is just spending all their time listening to heaven and not feeling the need to comment any more!

    With the recent TAS Special Headphone Issue giving glowing reviews to the BHSE and Stax combo, I would think that interest in them will be sparked again.
    I also found it interesting that several members made an enormous amount of noise leading up to their unit's arrival, and then a year or two later it was on the auction block.
    I sure don't plan on ever getting rid of my little gem once it gets here!

    My understanding is that you now are in Batch #5 and that once this batch is sold out, there will be no more BHSEs being made.
    Can you confirm that this is still your plan?

    How many units does this Batch #5 comprise and how many are still available for order?
    How many units encompassed each Batch to date? I've been trying to score it, but based on some serial numbers members have listed recently, I've seemed to have missed 75-100 units assuming you've been numbering them consecutively.

    Any chance of getting some porn shots of new units under construction like you did previously?

    Thanks, DSNORD
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  5. bearFNF Contributor
    Wow, good job... :beerchug:
    Don't forget to search for spin-off threads like this one:
    Not that you have to read them but they are ways of passing the time. :beyersmile:

  6. nepherte
    Last time I checked, the quality of a headphone amplifier is not determined by the amount of noise or comments :wink: Although I get the feeling this is very much becoming a trend on Head-Fi. After all, it is a sponsored site (and there is nothing wrong with that).

    I'm not entirely sure HeadAmp still keeps track of batch numbers. When I ordered mine more than a year ago, it was also batch #5... When I spoke to Peter at Canjam London & Singapore, they still plan making more BHSEs in addition to their other offerings.

    Being a happy owner of a BHSE myself, there is one thing that hasn't improved over all these years, which is after-sales. I've tried contacting Justin/Peter/HeadAmp for over a year now (regarding an invoice matter) and haven't received any reply whatsoever. Sure as long as it's a question regarding buying one, they seem happy to oblige. Once you paid for it however... Maybe others have had better luck, but I certainly haven't.
  7. HeadAmpTeam
    Hi, DSNORD,

    We plan to continue building the BHSE for the foreseeable future. It is not going to be replaced. But it will be supplemented at some point.

    As nepherte referred to, the amps aren't nearly as "batched" as they once were, and we don't really approach the shipping of them as such. Orders come in, are prepared, and go out as they are ready.

    I don't have exact data on the serial numbers.

    I am sure @justin w. can snap a few conspicuous shots of units with their tops off, if that's what it takes to keep you on the edge of your...seat :wink:

  8. nepherte
    @HeadAmpTeam Can you get back to me regarding my invoice-related question?
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  9. statfi
    HeadAmp has consistently given me good customer support after my purchase.
  10. DSNORD
    Thank Peter for the timely response.

    Wading through 600+ pages encompassing 9100+ comments in just over 1.5 weeks has really given me a good historical understanding of the ebb and flow of the BSHE's development and production.

    When Justin had posted that "Batch #5" was to be the last of the lot, the only reasons I could come up with for killing off his top product was that it seemed that he was having a harder time sourcing components than previously and he felt that the unit was underpriced considering the time and hoops he had to jump through with suppliers to get things to his level of perfection. Unless he was just bored and tired with making such a complex product, it otherwise made no sense to me to kill THE KING.

    I'm glad to see that things have stabilized and the unit will remain in production. I'm really looking forward to hearing mine. I've always been a solid state guy, never wanting to get sucked down the rabbit hole of tube rolling since I know my OCD tendencies all too well! But considering that many feel that the BSHE/Stax combo is as close to headphone heaven as one can get, I decided to see what the noise was all about and pulled the trigger on a setup. So now I have electrostatic (SR-009), planar magnetic (LCD-X), and dynamic (HD800S) drivers covered in my arsenal.

    It should make for a most excellent adventure!!!
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  11. justin w. Contributor
    Please send me an email and reference this thread in the subject so i can find it
  12. HeadAmpTeam
    I just replied to your email. Check to see that it's not going to spam.
  13. joseph69
    Now all you need to do is buy a stat amp while you wait for your BHSE to arrive so you'll appreciate more.
  14. DSNORD
    Well, actually, my SR-009 is on backorder through HeadAmp.
    Peter recommended I put the order in for it when I PayPal'ed the BSHE deposit so it would be available when my BHSE ships.
    Let's just hope it's not 2 years like in the early days!!!!
    For now, the HD800S and LCD-X will just have to continue to amaze me. And they do that daily in spades.
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  15. nepherte
    I was simply stating my personal experience. To clarify, overall I am a very happy customer. Otherwise I woudn't have bought a BHSE after getting the GS-X mk2. In addition, HeadAmp has gotten back to me since writing this. So I'm confident my question will get resolved in the near future.

    See my response to Peter. He put you in copy as well.

    I've received your email now. Thanks for getting back to me.

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