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Head-Fi UK Meet: 02/04/2011 - London

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  1. MrQ
    An Audio-gd reference 7.1 and a LCD2 and a HE6 in the building at the same time...
    Oh baby [​IMG].
    vkvedam likes this.
  2. vkvedam
    Hmmmm.... HE-6 & LCD-2s.
  3. Sceptre
    I'll bring a cheque book ! Impressive organisation that will yield some lucky visitors!
  4. tuahogary
    Looking forwards to this [​IMG] I wish someone can get more IEMs into the list (SE535, FX700, e-Q7, FA-BA-SS?) That'll save me a lot of money for my next purchase [​IMG]
  5. tranhieu
    HE6, HD800, T1, K1000, Omega, LCD2, this's gonna be huge! :D
  6. Marcus_C
    This is turning into a meet of epic proportions! Really, Really, Really hope I can be there...
  7. jr41
    I've had a helpful suggestion from smial1966: it might be a good idea for everyone to bring a portable source loaded with their favorite music. That way it should be easier and quicker to audition equipment using music you're familiar with (and it doesn't seem everyone is bringing a dedicated source). Having a 3.5mm to RCA cable on hand might not be a bad idea either.
  8. zenpunk
    I will also bring a cheap sony DVD player so people can bring their favourite CDs. Also, does that place has wi-fi access ? It would be great to be able to access Spotify so people can also listen to track they are familiar with.
  9. Nuwidol
    I was planning on bringing my iPod, an SD card loaded up with music, a laptop & a couple of CDs already. I'm trying to cover all the bases!
  10. smial1966
    Excellent ideas guys, bringing sources should prevent too much queueing, as there will be more amps/DACS than sources on stands.
    I'll also bring my Sony D25s portable CD player and a laptop.
    Can't wait to exhibit my wares at this meet. [​IMG]
  11. dubleon
    Hi all, I'd love to come along as well but am still unsure if I can make it because of work! If I can, would it be worth me bringing my ES7s? I've got some HD650s as well but I think quite a few are bringing those... Leon
  12. Severanth
    At the mention of good ideas.  I was reading posts from the Bay Area Meet.  Someone suggested that everyone bring the Ear phone bud's that don't fit their ears to swap with each other.  Since we all have spare large/medium/large buds tucked away.  Seemed like a good suggestion.  Pretty sure I have spare around here somewhere...
  13. dubleon
    P.S. When do I have to confirm by (if it is not too late?) My sister will be around and  will try to bring her along if I can make it[​IMG]
  14. jr41
    Personally, I would like to close the invite to attend as late as possible - to maximise opportunity to attend. However there are logistical/planning considerations, so the deadline to confirm attendance will likely be 27/03/11.
  15. Antistase
    Oh bugger! I just discovered this meeting now and the 2nd I'm booked for family reasons. And it is just 20 minutes driving from my place!
    I could pop in the morning but have to fly by 13ish. Have a MilletMax, DT48-S, DT-480, DT-880, K340 (modded). Only big size piece is my beloved modded CD80.
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