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Head-Fi UK Meet: 02/04/2011 - London

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  1. Somnambulist
    Thanks for fleshing the route out a bit. Currently having a good old rummage trying to find the Westone box with some tips in (already got my UE ones but want to have my bases covered), proving elusive so far. I'm not too clued up on Meet etiquette, but are people generally cool with tips being shared as long as they're given the antiseptic wipe treatment before/after use?
  2. anoobis
    So close now, you must all be excited! I'm very much looking forward to reading the impressions though I shan't be at the meet.

    If I may ask a favour; should the opportunity arise, I'd like to see what anyone has to say about Beyer DT150/250 (especially compared to HD650) and impressions of (Audio-gd) Wolfson vs Sabre. Given the expected gear, I doubt I'll get anywhere with this but I'm sure there'll be some great posts of what does turn up.

    Enjoy the meet everyone :)

  3. P4Z
    I'm hoping someone at the meet with soldering/DIY skills could help me with reterminating my AD2000s.
    I am willing to cover costs for the connector/solder used, etc.
  4. Somnambulist
    The hour draws close, look forward to seeing everybody mid-afternoon tomorrow. Gutted I'll miss the first few hours but that's life... oh and it's supposed to shower tomorrow at some point, so take a brolly if you're not driving!
  5. Ra97oR
    Time to pack up everythng. Looking forward to see everyone there.
  6. Bizzel
    I'm off, see you all in a while!
  7. pcf
    Last minute request- I am bringing my Grado PS-1. Can I share amps and sources with someone?
  8. cn11
    I'm off in a few as well. See everyone a little after lunch time. 
    This will be awesome I'm sure!
  9. Fing
    Is there still room there for me to set up my amps?
  10. Severanth
    Good to have met so many of you.  Was a real pleasure all.  
    Thanks again to Amp City, keep at it fellas you are doing well, and the organisers of course we are in your debt.
    Thoroughly enjoyed listening to so much quality kit.  The Stax for me were particularly impressive.  Plenty of amazing hardware.  
    Best listening experience was with Goeff thank you.  (hope I spelt your name right).
    I imagine there will be impressions thread up so will wait for that.
  11. Bizzel
  12. jr41
    Thanks for setting up the impressions thread Bizzel.
    Don't forget everyone,
    You can still donate to the RNID via the justgiving page:
    Thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a great day!
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