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Head-Direct / HIFIMAN Customer Service TEAM

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  1. NickL33
    Any update on Supermini?
  2. NotanAudiophile1
    I saw a post on jd.com of the Hifiman HE400i being sold for merely 1100 Yuan. I was wondering if Hifiman Jingdong is Hifiman's official account in jd.com. And why is it that the HE400i is being sold for a very low price, even lower than the HE400s?
  3. Drrizzt
    Hi there,

    I have a he6 and two months ago, the right driver died. I have sent the headphone to china for a repair, i had to wait more than a month once it got there before they were able to send it back.

    One hour after i plugged the headphones, this time, the left driver suddently died. What the heck is going on with it ? The reability seem to suck or is it just bad luck ? What can i expect from them ? A discount for the service ?

    Is it possible that my amp kill the headphone ? i'm using a loudspeaker through the bananas plug at the rear.
  4. Arniesb
    This power requirements is extremely exaggerated... Violectric v280, 281, ican pro have more than enough power and so do many other headphone amps. People find some Speaker amps that have big coloration, they like it and swear that power is Everything, but its only coloration.
  5. Drrizzt
    ? That wasn't my point.
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  6. montanari
    Coloration and Too much power have nothing to do with the issue. They also sell an adapter for it. After the third pair repaired sold all My hifiman. I m sorry because i Like how they sound very much but i cant always stay anxious worried about wheb it Will get damaged again.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
  7. Drrizzt
    Absolutely, this is the sedond repair and the service is not very responding and sucks quite a lot, they didn't even care to change the driver of the first faillure, it failled again 2 hours after i hoocked it back.
    As soon as i get it back, i will this time sell the he6.

    This is too bad because it sounds wonderfully well with a good loudspeaker amp but the quality is terrible, as well as the service.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  8. montanari
    I have to admit that the service in my case works wonderful in both case:
    I always received a new pair of headphone after 3 days that they received my broken ones..
    but i can t keep on shipping a 3000eur pair of headphone all over Europe and receive it from Hong Kong.. and next year they wouldn t been under warranty so I guess the repairing would be pretty expansive (talk about he1000v2)
  9. Drrizzt
    They did'nt even care to answer to my demand of reimboursment for the second shipping in my mail.

    I will insist untill they respond. I'm becoming more and more pissed of with this company.
  10. MidSmoothness
    @TeamHiFiMAN I just bought the Hifiman Edition X V2. The screws for the adjustment system on the headband, what kind of screws are these? One broke, so I would like to purchase these.
  11. TeamHiFiMAN
    Hi there, please email us at customerservice @ hifiman.com and we should be able to get you sorted out.
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  12. Drrizzt
    After more than a months waiting hifiman to fix my He6, they did it and pay me back the shipping cost because of the failure of the first repairment.

    I really hope this time they properly fix the headphones, it's been 3 months i'm battling with that and i'm tired of it.

    I think i'm done with Hifiman, i don't like the way the service respond (Mark !), i don't like the fact that they are moking people with the scandalous increase of price of the so call new He6. No research and development and still, the price sky rocketed. That goes without saying my recent reading of the Dr Fang on this very forum, the guy just didn't show any respect or understanding of the community. He should have hired somebody who knows about communication instead of prooving himself he's a just greedy.

    Bye bye hifiman.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
  13. Drrizzt
    Even more than that, i just got my he6 back from the service for the second time, because the first time they didn't fix anything.
    AGAIN, my headphones is not working, they didn't fix it one more time.

    I'm beyond despair with this company.
    onraid likes this.
  14. onraid
    So sadly to hear it, you spend your money for air...

    Hi everyone
    Want to share with you my expirience of HIFIMAN SERVICE

    I sent the defected He-560and they received in 06 february.
    They wrote me, that will arrange my replacement after got my defective.
    I did not receive any response, so i decided to contact again, and after my letter, they answered:
    "Wait for the end of China Holidays"
    I contacted after holidays, and got the answer:
    "he-560 out of stock, wait for the end of the week to get information"
    Upd: 26 February they send me the replacement from China via EMS, need to wait again 14 days for the delivery
    Finally i resolve all issues. Can strongly recommend to everyone! Thanks Hifiman
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2019
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