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HD600+RE0= What IEM?

  1. Mdraluck23
    Exactly what the title says, my beloved RE0's finally wore out on me. I love their sound signature but I've grown so accustomed to the HD600's and I love them too. What would be a good middle ground IEM? Detail and clarity are extremely important. I've looked at the DBA-02's but they seem to be hard to get. Other choices are the HF5 and possibly just another pair of RE0's. What else is out there? My price range would probably be up to $175 shipped. I'm using a D6 amp/dac and my musical tastes are in my signature. Thanks for the help!
  2. Mdraluck23
    I am impatient. Bump?
  3. singha
    If you can't get the DBA-02, try getting the Brainwavz B2 since they are SUPPOSED to sound very similar and will be available through amazon in the next few days. I have found that the CK10 will give you the clarity and detail that you are looking for. Its definitely what I am using when I am not using my HD600 or 650, but it is more than you're gonna want to pay. Maybe a RE262?
  4. yello131


    DBA-02 are available from Dimitri (MA) and are now on Sale too
    I got few IEMs including Ck10 from MA.
    Highly recommende seller
  5. Mdraluck23
    Thanks for the replies. In terms of sound does the DBA-02 seem to be what I'm looking or?
  6. Mdraluck23
  7. Mdraluck23
    Are B2's available? I'm between B2's and DBA-02's. What's the sound like from people who have heard them both?
  8. deadsea
    The B2 pre-orders are just being sent out so i doubt you can get any impressions. Mine are still either in HK or on a plane/truck/warehouse somewhere and the only other pair of earphones i have is the EP-630. Not quite comparison material.
    The early impressions thread is here.
    But do note that it's the pre-production model with a silver type cable vs the production model with a copper one. That may or may not change their sound.
  9. Mdraluck23
    B2's it is. Most likely. Any other suggestions before I pull the trigger?
  10. mcnoiserdc
    if you like the hd600 you'll like dba'02, but dba-02 has the treble much more emphasized than hd600.
    HF5 may be less aggressive, but dba-02 is more entertaining.
  11. calipilot227
    Haven't heard the DBA-02, but you might like the HF5.
  12. Mdraluck23
    I like the treble a bit more present than the HD600's. DBA's or B2's for that?
  13. mcnoiserdc
    oh yes
  14. Maxvla Contributor
    Long time HD600 listener here. Have had my RE-262s for about 8 months. I'd say they are very similar assuming proper amping for both. Neither are very good without a good chain behind them.
  15. Mdraluck23
    Ended up springing on some $95 HF5's. Really looking forward to the microphonics and isolation.

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