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Hd-800 with apogee

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by anukis, May 2, 2011.
  1. anukis
    HI everyone. I'm from a pro studio environment and I've decided to buy the hd-800 for my studio not really to mix but as a quiet solution when I work late and for my keybaords. I design sounds for the Korg Oasys and Motif XF keyboards so I need the best I can find. I have a set of K701 but I just wanted a different sound.
    My question is I am thinking of buying an Apogee Mini-me to use as a ad/da and as a soundcard for a portable solution and I am sure I will be happy with quality wise, but will it be enough to drive the hd-800? I know its not a Ray Samuels etc but I have some Rme Firefaces and a bunch of converters but all of which are not portable.
    I was hoping to hook the apogee to a variety of items like my L/R out from my keyboards, with the Cardas hd-800 modded cables, or my ipod classic 6th gen or my macbook pro out of the apogee mini-me digital or analog.
    Is there also a device which will digitally plug out of the ipods from the bottom apple connector to improve the sound of them? Fostex has the hp-1 I believe. I know the ipod is an "ipod" and it doesn't sound good to me but the best way to portably get sound out would be enough for me without spending a hell of a lot of money.
    If you think there is something in the 300-400 price range that is portable that can be dedicated more or less to hd-800 and maybe even the K701 please let me know. It needs to have usb to run as an interface and ts/xlr ins if possible. S/P dif would be a plus. Please remember I'm not really an audiophile in a knowledge sense so I don't have a lot of experience with amps and brands when it comes to the hifi world.
    Thank you

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