Happy Birthday Zanth!
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HB, Z-man!
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Happy Birthday!
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Originally Posted by skyline889
Happy birthday Zanth! I always thought you were older than 30, your wisdom precedes your age in all of your reviews and interviews!

my sentiments exactly.. happy 30th birthday
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I did a search on "Happy Birthday Zanth" and got four entries--yow!!

I hope you enjoy this one as much as the others!
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Ten years from now, when you go to Morocco to lose your virginity (as we discussed in a nightmare I endured last Tu Bi'Shvat), try to avoid Tangiers. Fewer tourists and hucksters infest Marrakech and Essaouira, and I'm told the skirted dates of the tremulous forgo wearing emotional sandpaper.

Splurge on your thirtieth, Zanth: Don't just renew that subscription to Third Base Magazine, make the word renew sweat pink rivulets. Visualize yourself with an acetylene goatee that vaporizes your nemeses while simultaneously impressing the dames on the beach. Watch them frug and batusi with approval while advertising sunscreen and rockabilly to Morrocan sophomores in the cobalt amphitheater of the ur-Americanized skull. (Still, I wouldn't repeat any of this out loud, if I were you. Jail's hardly the place for a satisfying first encounter.)
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Hey Jason. Happy birthday to ya'. I hope this year offers you more joy than the year past.

It's great to know you ands share ideas. You're a true Head-fier.

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Happy belated birthday, Zanth. And I must comment on what fine taste you have in birthdays, too!
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Happy Birthday Zanth!!!!!!!!

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