Happy Birthday Zanth!
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Beagle and Bozebuttons,
You guys realize Zanth's birthday was 2 months ago, right?
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Originally Posted by immtbiker
Beagle and Bozebuttons,
You guys realize Zanth's birthday was 2 months ago, right?

So whats a little belated birthday wishes
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happy bday'd (darn..) to the greatest Grado fanboy that ever graced the earth!

Hey.. but if it wasn't for Zanth, I wouldn't have even found the wonderful world of excellent sounding headphones!

Those incredible Graods introduced me to my most relaxing past-time!

Enjoy your birthday!
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edit: ooops, I thought I was having a senior moment: it WAS in September!
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Scrappy, scrappy birth trauma to you and your fetishized ones, Zanth o' th' zed 'n' anthropomorphic urges.

I do hope you'll excuse me for not breaking into your home to deposit various water-soluble "presents," but, sadly, my binoculars and I couldn't make it. (Please offer my apologies to the tree nearest your bedroom window.) As much as I would have liked to distribute quarts of joy to those in need, the slashing twinge in my knee has become a pain in the neck: Your festivities might have been eclipsed by the distraction of my screaming and clutching my pants and weeping to God and biting people's hands and so froth.

In the whinemeal, do christen your monitor with a ghetto latte in lieu of a birthday one-liner. Consider it a gift from me, your devoted fluids altruist.

(Whey the buy: Why has this thread resurfaced? Didn't your birthday, like mine, take place last September? Why did Beagle resurrect it?)
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It's not often that somebody gets two birthdays in one year, so enjoy it buddy!

What the heck, happy birthday everyone!!

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THanks guys! This is really great getting a round two of birthday wishes! I'm not opposed to third round! Three is my lucky number and I turned 30 this year. Good omen? Methinks yes!
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Originally Posted by Voltron
Two separate scrypt birthday passages on the same page. Now that's a celebration!

Seriously! Particularly when one needs to reread them half a dozen times to catch all the brilliance.
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happy birthday Zanth! long live the Grado-meister!
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Happy birthday Z..

You have taught many here much, and shared great information over the years,
much appreciated

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