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Happy as a Pig in Schiit: Introducing Modi Multibit

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  1. PopZeus
    Have you guys been upsampling your audio or running it NOS? I feel like the Mimby got more dynamic when I told my music player to just push the music as-is.
  2. limelake
    I run mine as it comes from the source. I have never upsampled my audio. Sounds fine to me. Why try to cobble it up ?
  3. gvl2016
    Some like to experiment with different digital filters.
  4. jimmers
    If you run your files at their native sample rate Mimby upsamples (192 or 176.4) so you get the benefit of Mike's special filter.
    So it doesn't run NOS unless the file's sample rate is 192 or 176.4.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
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  5. joejoejoe
    I've been reading this thread on and off since its inception and I still can't decide on whether or not to upgrade to the Mimby from a Modi 2U. Anyone wanna persuade me? Any specific reason to save for the Bimby instead or even something non-Schiity?
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  6. Dana Reed
    I've had all three of these for a few months now (m2u, mimby and bimby). ymmv, but I have a hard time even in a sighted test telling them apart. Most of the stuff I listen to is rock and metal with electric, amplified instruments rather than live recordings of acoustic stuff. I was recommended to try something like Clapton Unplugged (which I love as long as I skip Layla, can't stomach that as I love the original too much) for a comparison. So I got the CD, and ripped it to lossless and compared it, using a Sys to A/B them, and either the pot on the Sys or on the Magni3 to match the levels upon switching (as mimby/bimby are 2V while m2u is 1.5 V). I compared back and forth with a bunch of different headphones driven by the magni3. (Sony MDR1a, Grado GS2000e, Hifiman HE560, Sennheiser HD600, Beyerdynamic T5P, Amiron, and DT880 (600 Ohm)). I can certainly say that I have favorites amongst those headphones and the HD600 is the only one I can't really take a liking to, but I really can't say I find a distinct difference between the m2u and mimby in the setup below.
    Of course I guess for me that's just a money saver since don't need to spend on gumby, yggy, hugo, MSB, or flying Clapton to my house. I can just listen with "mid-fi" and think it sounds great for less $$

  7. joejoejoe
    Thank you for such a thorough reply. I've been trying to just suck it up and grab one since I've seen comments vary from being along the same lines as yours to stating that the differences are indeed noticeable and pronounced. At the end of the day, maybe the cost difference just isn't worth the mental indecision. Probably going to be buying a pair of HD650's since I have sold my HD800's.

    And like you said, at that point I'm not sure there's much of a gap to be filled until I decide on breaking the bank for a Gumby or Yggy, if ever. That's probably money better spent on a new set of headphones or speakers.
  8. Tuneslover
    I too have thought that the differences between Delta Sigma (my Bifrost 4490) and Multibit (my Bifrost MB & my 2 Modi MB's) aren't THAT significant. However as I have upgraded my headphone amps from the original Magni (upgraded to Lake People G109S) and Magni 2U (upgraded to Jotunheim) and Vali 2 (upgraded to Project Ember), as well as expanding my headphone inventory I have noticed that my Schiit multibit DACs do give a more detailed presentation, better bass and overall dimensionality. Are the differences "night & day"? Nope, but they do enhance my headphone listening experience. However the multibit DACs can be finicky requiring periodic recycling (re-boot).
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  9. XERO1
    In my experience, the improvements are primarily in the mids and treble.
    When used with highly resolving headphones and amps, the Multi-Bit Schiits offer a less artificial, less glassy sounding treble range and the mids seem to have more solidity and texture to them. But to me, the bass range sounds nearly identical between MB and DS though.
    But if you are using less resolving headphones and amps, the improvements/differences between the MB and DS DACs will essentially vanish.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
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  10. wiz2596
    Hello guys

    It is been said that coax input is the best way to connect the Mimby in terms of sound quality, but in moderns PC desktops and laptops this port doesn't even exist, so is there any way to get a PC with coax port? I'm looking for a equipment with coax port to feed my mimby but couldn't find anything so far, any suggestions on this or should I resign myself on USB?
  11. ejk1
    Get a ifi ipurifier. Google it. Also available on Amazon
  12. Dana Reed
    I got an Eitr and that works very well converting USB to coax. I have the output of mine split so it can feed both a mimby and an uber.
  13. RickB
    You might check into the Schiit Eitr, a USB to S/PDIF coax converter.

  14. caenlenfromOCN

    I use optical to my mobo from my mimby, would it really improve sound if I invested in this??? so pricey....
  15. wiz2596
    I was wondering the same
    Last edited: May 25, 2018
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