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Happy as a Pig in Schiit: Introducing Modi Multibit

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  1. tracyrick
    I'm looking for impressions on this DAC vs. the Fiio X3ii. Anyone using the Mimby and finding it better than the X3ii?
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  2. sublime9
    I had no idea that an HDMI to S/PDIF converter even existed, but yet they do. Amazing. But sorry, no experience. Cheap enough to try.
  3. limelake
    I bought one off amazon. Works flawlessly with my oppo and Sony blu-ray. Sacd layer sounds stunning in 88.2/24 pcm. Could be the mastering, could be the higher reslution. Pcm is going thru my mimby and bimby. Stunning wayyyyyy better than the built in dac!
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  4. fritobugger
    Can you provide a link?
  5. jnak00
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  6. limelake
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  7. riffrafff
    Hi folks. I'm late to the conversation, and this part of the discussion was mostly back a month ago or so, but I thought I might add something to the bit about DACs, etc. needing a warm-up period. My understanding is that ladder DACs take longer to stabilize than sigma-delta DACs, and I find that most plausible. I know that some of the electronics I work with daily stay on 24/7, just to maximize their stability. As an example, Agilent (used to be HP) states in the manual for the 83752A/B Synthesized Sweeper, "Instruments disconnected from AC power for more than 24 hours require 30 days to achieve time base aging specification. Instruments disconnected from AC power less than 24 hours require 24 hours to achieve time base aging specification." This is actually fairly common in the metrology field.

    Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there.

    Carry on. :metal:
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2018
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  8. tracyrick
    Really want an excuse to add a Mimby to my Magni 3 so I can have a stack. But for that to happen I need impressions on this DAC vs. Fiio players. I have an X3ii, but I think impressions from the different models/versions could still be relevant.

    Not really wanting to purchase this DAC and then have to return with restocking fee 'cause no significant difference.

    I'm guessing if I compared Mimby to my PC or phone or some other crappy DAC it would be an obvious difference. But will the Mimby make a noticeable difference vs. Fiio DAC? Fiio DACs are supposed to be pretty good...

    X3ii>Mimby> Magni 3>HD6xx noticeably better than X3ii>Magni 3>HD6xx ?
  9. alpovs
    Please, you are comparing apples to oranges and you should know it. And you are confusing a lot of people and adding to the hype. What you just mentioned is time aging. The instrument you mentioned has time based oscillator(s) most likely based on quartz crystals. Their frequency drifts not only with temperature but also with time. Aging is specified in terms of frequency change-per-month. Did you notice how the manual calls for 30 days? "The aging rate is dependent on the inherent quality of the crystals used, and goes on all the time. Aging is often specified in terms of frequency change-per-month since temperature and other effects would mask the small amount of aging for a shorter time period. Aging for air crystals is given in frequency change-per-month as it is not practical to accurately and correctly measure over any shorter averaging period."

    There are no time effects in ladder DACs (hopefully). So, your example is not relevant. Sorry.
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  10. fritobugger

    I suspect the Mimby might be a bit warmer sounding than the X3ii DAC but that would be more a change in preference and less an improvement.
  11. joeexp
    "I suspect .. "

    So you really haven't got the foggiest?
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  12. inmytaxi
    Quick, hire a Special Counsel and see if he's colluded!
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  13. Tuneslover
    I used to own the X3ii but upgraded to the X5ii when it came out. I ran the X5ii into a Magni2 which drove my HD650. When the Mimby came out I decided to introduce it into this setup (using the coxial digital output of the X5ii into the Mimby). Was there a noticeable difference vs. the FiiO Dac? Simply put, YES. Was it massive? No not massive. Was it better? ABSOLUTELY. I found the Mimby to be more 3 dimensional sounding, clearer as in more detailed sounding with better instrument separation.

    I have since replaced the Magni2 with a Vali2, then after a year or so I sold both and purchased a Project Ember. I also have a couple of other headphone setups and found that my HD650's were my favourite headphones with all of them so I decided to get a pair of HD6XX's (easily one of the best bargains out there) which resides permanently alongside the Mimby/Ember setup.

    To me, not only the Mimby but also the Ember have both elevated this setup pretty significantly from the original Magni2 only setup. You asked, so there you have it...that's my opinon.
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  14. bochawa
    After four years, my Schiit Optimodi stopped working - it powers on and indicates that it receives a digital signal, but no output. Wonder if the heat from my Asgard contributed to its demise? Time to look into getting a Mimby or a Bimby.
  15. inmytaxi
    the Mimby sounds great. I'm not great at a/b comparisons. I find the strength of the mimby comes out in long listening sessions.
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