Gustard Amplifiers and DACs

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  1. canthearyou

    Well, they are both DACS so I don't think you'll be doing much opamp rolling.
  2. ForgottenSpy
    Meanwhile Gustard is presenting new model Gustard A20H, fully balanced with double AK4497 chips, discrete amplifier and so on.
    All inputs support DSD:
    IIS supports DSD64、DSD128、DSD256、DSD512
    SPDIF、Optical、AES/EBU supports DSD64 (DOP);
    USB supports DSD64、DSD128、DSD256; 
    Here is few pictures of upcoming release:


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  3. canthearyou
    Nice!!! A cool piece of gear for me to try out this winter!
  4. ForgottenSpy
    After my posting i have found that head-fi already has dedicated thread, so check it out:

  5. llcook51
    When I connect my X-12 to my computer (running windows 10) via the USB, the computer does not recognize the DAC. Do I need to download additional drivers?
    If so, where do I go for the download/
  6. Triplefun
    You need to download windows XMOS USB 2 drivers
    Apparently Windows 10 anniversary now has built in USB 2.0 support but I have not tried this
    This is the Tabao Gustard site - Chinese
    The Windows 10 driver (v3.20) can be download from here
    Once loaded click on the download icon on the top row (slightly right off centre)
    Then click the left hand button in the pop up for acceptance
  7. taetertot
    Gustard X12: can you connect both RCA and balanced outs, and then toggle between them with an output switch? Can X20 do this?
  8. Triplefun
  9. bwanaaa
    What is the output impedance of the x20 balanced and unbalanced outputs?
    I want to drive my power amps directly
  10. bwanaaa
    What is the output impedance of the x20 balanced and unbalanced outputs?
    I want to drive my power amps directly
  11. Joong
    I think more important thing is the maximum input voltage if your power amp.
    The input impedance of amp is quite high so that output impedance us not a problem.
  12. bwanaaa
    I am not an electrical engineer but after reading this
    It seems that matching an amp to a preamp is important. I did discover that the output impedance of the x20 is 100 ohms.
  13. Joong
    The matching impedance is for very high frequency signal that the wave length is comparable to the size of electronics.
    The audio is very long wave length so that it is irrelevant to the matching.
    There is some myth on this world.
    The input impedance of the amplifier more than several kilo ohms, which is far higher than that of the output impedance.
    Only concerns might be that the higher swing of the preamp will clamp the signal, and the the sound will be muddy.
    In general, the matching might be something not for the impedance but something other like harmonic sensitivities / transmission / as regarding the power amp as seen as filter.
    X20 has volume control and will be matched well to your amp.
    Merry Christmas.
  14. gug42

    Anyone have compared x9 and x12 ?
    The x9 price is very attracrive... And i fear the sabre to be a little bright ...

    Any advice to choose between them ?
  15. Feilong4
    Anyone got a Gustard X9 they were looking to sell? I have feedback here on Head-Fi and am in the US.
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