Gustard Amplifiers and DACs

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  1. glip
    Hi there! Hi ansi! I bought the GUSTARD u12 to used with a Mac Mini CORE i7, 2.3 ghz, with OS X MAVERICK (10.9.5) but it seem that the plug and play has a problem with the versión that I have... so I think I need the DRIVERS... How can a get in touch with the company GUSTARD?? I am connecting it like this:
    Mac Mini---usb cable---GUSTARD u12---- optic cable to MUSICAL FIDELITY V90 DAC---to my sound system... 
    I have all ready try 2 usb cables... should try an other???
    thank for your help!!
  2. Sam21
    Does anyone know which DAC chip is inside the Gustard U12 ?
  3. Triplefun

    The U12 is not a DAC. It converts a USB audio signal using 8 Core XMOS chip to a number of digital audio outputs including SPDIF, COAX and I2S.
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  4. heliosphann
    I'm running a X12/H10 combo and when I use my DX80 coax-out, I get a second or two delay when the tracks have a higher bit-rate/sample-rate. Anyone have this issue? It's pretty annoying. I think it's the X12 because when I used my SMSL m8 I didn't have the delay.
  5. canthearyou

    I have the X12/H10 combo using USB. I don't think I have that issue, but I'll check later this evening.
  6. wadi
    Any news from Gustard balanced amplifier?
  7. sr2002
    I am copy pasting my post from another thread, please pardon me for that. 
    I was considering the Gustard X12, but had some questions about the customer server and support. 
    Can you guys please provide some details on your experience with Warranty/driver support? 
    I was planning to buy the XMOS USB controller version, will this version work with any XMOS USB driver/ is there a unified driver for XMOS or do you have to rely on Gustard to provide them? 
    Also, any experience with long term reliability of this DAC?
    I am planning to connect he LSR305s through the ballanced output and was wondering can the volume be controlled through windows volume control? Is there another way? 
    I am comparing the Gustard X12, Cambridge audio DacMagic Plus and the Audio-gd NFB-1DAC. Any thoughts or experiences on these as compared to the Gustard X12? 
    I have post made a post on the intro forums regarding my concerns and questions, please feel free to drop your replies, I would realy appreciate it. 

  8. sr2002
    To add on top of that:
    I recently stumbled upon this:
    I can't find any reviews or posts related to the Gustard X9.
    The price is perfect and it seems to have all the connectivity of the X12.
    Any thoughts on this versus the ES9018 chips? Anyone use the X9 or reviewed it? 
  9. lenroot77
  10. wadi
    Guys can i connect my pc through hdmi out of graphics card to I2s input of X12? Can this connection carry uncompressed 5.1 signal as hdmi does?
  11. Sechtdamon
    Hey guys, i have a problem with my Gustard U12, and since main thread of it is closed, i wanted to ask on this thread.
    My Gustard U12 have slight mechanical hum. Not carried through audio chain to my ears but its power supply (i guess) making audible noise when it's powered up. Is it a common problem? Or is it a problem? Do all U12s making that slight noise?
  12. Triplefun
    NO. The HDMI cable is only used for convenience to provide a quality I2S link. There is no video signal. Other DACs use RJ45. And there are minimal standards. The Gustard HDMI pin configuration for I2S differs from that of more established DACs (eg. PS Audio).
  13. canthearyou

    My U12 is dead silent.
  14. PWGuy
    So I have a Gustard X12 - when I power it on and connect it via USB (with built-in USB) to my Windows 10 laptop, the X12 display shows "USB 96K".  How do I have it up-sample to 192K?  I have it setup in the Microsoft Sound config for the Dac setup for 24-bit/192K.
    Any ideas?  I'm using 2.26 XMOS driver.  Also have a Jitterbug inline and a Regen on the other side pre-X12 USB connection.
  15. canthearyou

    The X12 doesn't upsample. Play a 24/192k file and it will display the rate.
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