Gustard Amplifiers and DACs

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  1. PWGuy
    Then why do all of my Flacs in Foobar2000 show 96k on the X12 when they are 44.1/16-bit?  And before I had this laptop, the screen previously read 192k with the same exact files.
  2. canthearyou

    I believe because Foobar was doing the upsample.
  3. PWGuy

    You were absolutely right - thank you!  Fixed
  4. canthearyou

    Glad you got it figured out.
  5. Iving
    I have a probably faulty Gustard U12. It hums when a live USB device is connected - including a battery-powered tablet PC. I bought it just less than a year ago from ebay seller "along1986090" who is belligerently unresponsive (i.e., has sent a single reply message asking whether the hum started recently but otherwise refuses to answer e-mails or ebay messages). I cannot find contact info for Gustard or Huang. Assuming there is a 12 months warranty I have but days to register a claim but cannot do so. I would appreciate 1) other Gustard U12 owners confirming that their units do or don't hum and 2) any contact info for Gustard / Huang. TIA for any helpful responses.
  6. Iving

    Yep - Me too - see above
  7. Iving

    Including when an electrically live USB device is attached?
  8. canthearyou
    Not sure what that means, but it is silent during use.
  9. Iving
    Thank you
    Then the hum experienced by Sechtdamon and me is in all probability a fault - it has been suggested to me "cheap transformers" - and seemingly there is nothing we can do about it - whether involving ebay Sellers - or the manufacturer - even if we are within 12 months. If anybody else knows different (WHERE ARE YOU MR HUANG!), please let us know.
  10. gulakpi
    I read the hum from Sechtdamon's machine is a mechanical hum from the vibration of the transformer.  Is your the same?  Or were you talking abut electrically induced hum?
    If it is caused by electrically coupled/induced, you may try to reverse the AC plug. No harm to try!
  11. Iving
    Mine sounds like electrical hum. The unit is silent when plugged in to the mains. BUt if *any* electrically live USB device is attached (necessary of course for audio) - it hums. This includes a battery-powered tablet PC.
  12. floydfan33
    I have an X12 incoming and have 3 questions for existing users.
    - Is the HDMI connector exclusively for connecting the U12, or can I feed it audio signal from my Oppo BDP-103?
    - Many users seem to use the U12 with the X12. Is there some failings with the USB in on the X12 alone?
    - early models seemed to have reversed channels on DSD? Is this still the case with new shipments?
  13. canthearyou

    The I2S(HDMI) connector is for connecting to a DAC only. Do not connect it to a DVD/Blu-Ray player.

    I noticed more clarity/quieter background when using U12 over my X12.

    DSD sounds fine on my setup.
  14. dzunghv
    Hi mans,
    Could you please compare X12 vs Bifrost Multibit somehow ?
    Which one sounds better?
  15. WilliamLeonhart
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