Gustard Amplifiers and DACs

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  1. Schopenhauer
    In the interest of consolidating the available information, evaluations, impressions, modifications etc. on Gustard's line of amplifiers, DACs and associated audio components, I've started this thread. Feel free to post about any model in the Gustard line-up. Write-ups of specific Gustard and non-Gustard gear pairings are also welcome.
    This first post will function as a table of contents, so to speak, both for this thread and for the dedicated thread on the H10: If you have anything you'd like to have included in this table of contents, please PM me the details and a link to the relevant post. 
    Welcome abroad the S.S. Gustard! Be sure to greet Capt. stuartmc and all the other swabbies! And be sure to check this post every so often as it will be updated.
    Swabbie Schopenhauer
    H10 thread

    H10 mods

    H10 w/ specific headphones


    Alpha Dogs

    Paradox Slant


    H10 vs. other amps
    Vs. ECP Black Diamond

    Vs. Violectric V200

    X12 DAC
    X12 review

    U12 thread

    U12 mods

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  2. Arnotts
    Great thread idea. People that have tried Gustard products seem to be universally impressed - the H10 amp, the X12 DAC and the U12 interface.
    I'm currently listening to LCD-2F's through the H10 and it sounds amazing. The punch, bass texture and extension is better than anything I've heard before. It's also so smooth, and vocals sound so intimate.
    The X12 will be arriving soon, too. Further impressions will come later!
  3. Lohb
    Oh dear, a Scottish captain at the helm, no rest for the wicked....
  4. Lorspeaker
    would like to know where the X12 pegs ....against the dacs in Audiogd ?  
    ( i have a mid tier dac from audiogd..nfb10.32)...would it be a sidegrade? 
  5. Arnotts
    The X10 was very, very similar in build to the Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 (which costs about $1,500 and gets reviewed very well)
    The X12 is an upgrade on the X10. I'm not sure how it compares to anything by AudioGD though, and it'll be hard to get that comparison until more people hear the Gustard products!
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  6. stuartmc

    Hey, I resemble that remark! Ha ha
  7. stuartmc
    Schopy, you're the man. Thanks so much for doing this. I look forward to many new posts on all things Gustard and perhaps winning a few more swabbies to our friendly crew.
  8. Schopenhauer
    It's my pleasure! I'm passionate about the H10. And I'll try to pull some stuff together on the X12. 
    I've got an MDR-Z7 on the way, so expect reflections on it paired with the H10 (and probably the Black Diamond)!
  9. Arnotts
    There's also the big thread on the U12 USB interface, but I dunno if it belongs in a thread dedicated to Gustard amps and DACs

  10. stuartmc

    We should include a link to it anyways. I'm finding that the U12 plays particularly well with the X12 and it definitely has that Gustard family trait - an outstanding price/performance ratio. It is also something of a badge of honor to have the "complete" Gustard stack.. He he.
  11. Juventino77
    Question regarding Gustard do they have their own page or are their products only detailed via the several sites ie: SHENZEN AUDIO / ALIEXPRESS / AMAZON etc etc
  12. stuartmc
    Apparently, Gustard is not yet a full fledged "brand" with its own marketing, website, etc. The investigative journalist in me wants to know much more about who they are - things like, who their principal designer is, where their manufacturing facility is located, what's his favorite color and if he could be any animal, what one would he choose... Ha, ha, I'm always fascinated by the people behind the products.

    I'm trying to find out more because the products themselves represent outstanding design and tremendous value. Obviously, someone there really knows what they are doing. I suspect that they are made in Taiwan because the seller, Vintage Audio Lab on eBay is from there and he seems to be a very early adopter. Early on, VAL was selling the same products without the Gustard name on the case. That suggests to me that he has a direct relationship with the manufacturer and they were close by.

    I think Gustard is now transitioning to full brand status and I have my feelers out for direct communications and hopefully a pipeline to review their new products. I'm told that the flagship X20 DAC should be arriving by the end of February.
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  13. Juventino77
    Stuart your are the Master! If you get any info please share! I am the same I like to research the company whose product I am thinking of purchasing. It's so important to know this information.
    I have almost pulled the trigger on the X12 but want to see what this X20 is all about!

    Good luck with your investigation
  14. Schopenhauer
    Stuart, any news on the forthcoming flagship amp? 
  15. Schopenhauer
    Table of contents has been updated. I've yet to devote a section to the X12. PM me any relevant reviews, mods etc. or post them in the thread!
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