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  1. uncopy87
    I have never went gun shooting but I would love to learn more about guns!
  2. Tehol
    She's new, she's purdy and she's mine.
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  3. Don Wolfberg
    I believe I've completed my collection for now, I saw what interested me on the market and I've got everything that I was after
  4. r00t61

    If you can take a course like NRA Basic Pistol or Basic Rifle, that would be a great place for a total beginner.
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  5. bigx5murf
    A bushmaster and a PSA I built
    The current 308 project
    The bump firing 22lr
    The EDC
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  6. Don Wolfberg
    So Korth has made a PPC gun . . let me just say I find this beautiful and hope they make an effort to get it on the California roster
  7. Bob A (SD)
  8. 30Cal
    50 Caliber roundball gun
    My match mule.  600yd line
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  9. raypin
    Mm..headshot......lol! (shot from my iPhone 7 yesterday)..

  10. HiGHFLYiN9
    600 yards with iron sights? You must be a heck of a shot! [​IMG] 

    via GIPHY
  11. Wiljen

    Sounds to me like he is a national match competitor. Nice to see another M1a still on the line for that. Most of the shooters have gone to ARs with 77gr SMKs these days for the 600 yard line.
  12. ATau
    Didn't know there was a Gun-Fi thread! Awesome!
    Though I suspect I might not be into the same type of guns as most of you, here's part of my collection. Hope you guys will appreciate it :wink:
    Walther SSP
    Morini CM 84 E
    Sphinx AT 2000 S
    SIG P210
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  13. bigx5murf
    Wow, that's a beautiful piece. Is it 9mm or 7.65? Is it an original or one of the re-releases? I'm almost afraid to ask what you paid for it. I'm guessing close to 5 figures?
  14. ATau
    Thanks! Yeah, the P210 is an absolute gem. The one I have is a civilian version of the P210-2 (the original army one), and it's a 7.65 Para. From the serial number, I could determine that it was made in the early 70's.

    2017-05-05 17.18.17.jpg
    2017-05-05 17.21.37.jpg

    I paid around $1200 for it. These are very common in Switzerland, as they were used in the Swiss Army from 1949 until the introduction of the (awful) Sig Sauer P220 in 1975, and second hand ones don't get crazily expensive. Not sure how much the P210 goes for in other countries, I was quite shocked that you would suggest a 5 figure price!
  15. bigx5murf
    I've seen them go $5-$10k USD depending on condition, here in the states when they come up for sale.
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