1. ATau
    Wow... maybe I should start buying more of them here and selling them in the US, this way I could buy more headphones! :gs1000smile:
    I would get into trouble for that, right?... haha

    All joking aside, I feel quite lucky to be in Switzerland just for this reason. The P210 is truly the Rolls Royce of pistols. Haven't found any 7.65 or 9mm that could beat it in pure accuracy.
    Pretty much every single pistol shooter in Switzerland has at least one P210. I know some people who have over 10 of them in different versions: army P210-2, german customs P210-4, heavy frame P210-5, P210-6, long slides, extended barrels, etc...
  2. bigx5murf
    It'll probably be very difficult to legally sell them here in the states. But shouldn't be impossible, I have an Italian police beretta 92. I've also seen lots of Polish makarovs here. Most likely you'll have to have an agreement with a FFL in the states, and let them take a cut. But probably still worth looking into.
  3. 67flieger
    Sig re-issued the P210 Legend several years ago but discontinued them a few years back.

    However, there is at least one shop in the USA that has some original Swiss police P210's for sale, Top Gun Supply in Ohio: The pistols are quite pricey, $2199 to $2999 depending on condition and whether it has its original box.

    I've shot several different Sig Sauer pistols and have always wanted to try to a P210. It certainly is a very intriguing and iconic firearm.
  4. ATau
    I'd like to add that the P210 Legend was issued by Sig Sauer, and that they were made in Germany. Maybe I'm too patriotic, but to me, that's not a real P210.
    I had the chance to try one, and though they are very well made, they feel a bit harsh and metallic. Unlike the original Swiss made P210, which feels extremely smooth and perfectly adjusted.

    I really do hope you can try a P210 one day. It's a fantastic pistol. Nothing like the more recent Sig Sauers.
  5. 4krow
    Just got back from Target practice, and it is always great. I have owned numerous rifles and pistolas, but keep coming back to the time honored 22 LR. Currently I am using a new CZ 453 bolt action, and need some advice for a scope. Not as easy as it sounds because of my eyesight not being perfect. Right now a Bushnell sits atop the rifle, and it is 'ok'. I may require more than 3X9. Tried my friends Sweet 17 scope this morning and find it to be much preferable.
  6. Wiljen
    long time shooter and competitor myself, I have had the same issue. First iron sights weren't as crisp as they used to be, then scopes started to creep up in magnification. For a 22 LR where shots are likely within 100 yards, a 3x9 with really good clarity is probably enough. The bad news is there is no such thing as a good cheap scope. I would look at the ones below and go somewhere you can try them side by side and see which is clearest for you. These run between $300 and $650 for a 3x9 and all have lifetime warranty if memory serves. I've used all and my personal preference is the Zeiss followed pretty closely by the Nikon.

    Burris Fullfield E1
    Leupold VX3
    Nikon Monarch 3
    Zeiss Terra
  7. Brimstone
    Glock 19 and HK VP9 Tactical
  8. riderx1
    Two words- Desert Eagle
  9. Geezer Rock 001
    Three words here: Smith and Wesson. I got the bug a few years back and amassed a fair collection of 4 inch barrel K frames. The older ones are great examples of craftsmanship and quality.
  10. VRacer-111
    I'm pretty impressed with the Glock 42, that little 380 shoots as well as a full sized pistol for me up close:

    @7 yards...

    And my full sized pistol is a 40cal HK USP Expert... which is better farther out.

    For rifles, my love is accurate and precise bolt action, and the Savage 10 in .308 is my preference, it will easily shoot 1/2 MOA without even really trying. If you do your part at 100 yards, you can link 5 shots together making one ragged hole that can be covered by a quarter. Mine isn't quite stock:

    If I just want to have a good time on the cheap, semi-auto 22cal rifle is the way and my personal favorite is a modded SIG 522...
    It simply never fails to fire (I don't think it's hiccuped once in many thousands of rounds so far...), is precise and accurate, and can empty a mag as fast as you want.
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  11. PointyFox
    NJ legal..

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  12. Oklahoma
    Finally got to take the new toy to the range. Did decent,shot about 75% on the 2 rounds of trap and abysmal on the sporting clays.

    Beretta 686 Silver Pidgeon 1 Sporting 30" with extended chokes.
    20180608_172623.jpg 20180608_172630.jpg 20180608_172643.jpg 20180608_172700.jpg
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  13. zephyrstar
    Being a headphone fan, I gotta protect my hearing right? :)


  14. zephyrstar
    How 'bout some Hi-Power love for our Euro friends (with Novak's Spec Ops packages):

  15. twitch133
    I love a Beretta! That scroll work on the receiver is great.

    Is this your first shotgun? Shooting in the high teens at trap is really respectable for a newer shooter! I have been shooting skeet for years now, averaging somewhere around a 95.5% to 95.8% (Between 23 and 24 targets every round) but I still struggle to get into the 20's on the trap field.

    On the topic of Beretta, Here is my 692 sporting. My photo's are kind of crappy... But, iPhone, poor lighting, and I am too lazy to get out the good camera right now.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I am so torn... I have a bit of money saved up, and I still need to wait for a little bit more. My next big purchase is either going to be a Beretta DT11 Skeet. Or, a pair of Utopia's and a WA22...

    I really want the DT11 though, I am not as big of a fan of sporting guns. I like the 28' barrels, parallel comb and more pronounced pistol grip that a skeet gun has to offer.

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