1. bloodydoorknob
    @Tehol, yes, they do look quite familiar, except mine is in need of that charging handle attachment and cheek riser.
  2. bloodydoorknob
    Some zev goodness... IMG_0315.jpg
  3. Tehol
    I recommend the underside rail attachment too.  That 2" of rail in front of the GLX cover is pretty useless.  That is unless you own the grenade launcher that attaches to it :) 
  4. Pingupenguins
    I'll just leave this here.
  5. pigmode
    Nice. Is that an Austrian Steyr?
  6. Gamingmusiclove
    Well I don't get it. How can you guys mantain 2 hobbies at the same time !? I have trouble just keeping up with audio but you guys can drop money on bullets/guns AND new audio gear! Neverthless, amazing collections, drooled over a few ones
  7. CrazyRay
    Gamingmusiclove, I noticed that you are still in school, that is the reason that you cannot afford to have more than one hobby. Stay in school and get a good job and you too will be able to afford to have multiple hobbies.
    I have been working on my hobbies for 40 years, it is a fun and rewarding endeavor.

  8. Gamingmusiclove
    Haga damn right, same thing my father would tell me. However, guns are banned in my country and its already too much finding toilet paper :/. Fun fact: my grandfather used to collections many things, some of them would take space from my fathers room, which might be why he loved order so much, and why he hates collecting things
  9. CrazyRay

    Gamingmusiclove, your father sounds like a smart man, listen to him.
    I know that we all need/want instant gratification, but that sometimes does not happen.
    It took me 20 years to afford an original Eames Lounge Chair and the wait was worth it.


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  10. Gamingmusiclove
    He is a really smart folk, which at the same time is kind of overwhelming, since he has achieved so much I sometimes doubt ill catch. On a more on topic note, have you ever had any trouble with family or friends or maybe eventos the cops regarding guns? I mean, they sure are eye candy, and a PLEASURE to use, but I feel that it can be too much trouble, specially outside the US
  11. CrazyRay

    Gamingmusiclove, sadly I live in Chicago, the guns laws here are pretty stringent. 
    The Chicago gun advocates are making strides though.
    I have friends that own guns and shoot with them often, but I have yet to buy one myself.

  12. Gamingmusiclove
    Yeah, I understand how you feel. Its just that the gun hobby is so polemic, ive only had 1 opportunity to fire a gun and it felt great! But since there are so many dangerous things about guns, and the fact it takes such a big responsibility, its kind of a risky hobby
  13. Tehol
    I hope things improve in VE, things have been deteriorating there for a while.   In recent years I was trying to maintain too many hobbies, Italian motorcycles, gaming PCs, firearms, moderate level prepping, portable audio.  Then I had a kid and I started paring back mostly because there are not enough hours in the day.  Sold the bikes, got rid of most of the PC equipment, the audio stuff is only a periodic hobby and nowadays it's really just the family and the firearms/home/self defense stuff.  I don't even own all that many guns (a relative term of course), most of the $$ goes into ammo and courses.  
  14. Gamingmusiclove
    Thanks man! Thankfully, i'm wealthy enough to afford audio equipment and a good life. And yeah, it always striked me as weird that you guys have so many hobbies
  15. Currawong Contributor
    I've enjoyed going shooting the few times I've been to the US. Many years ago I did a bit of shooting back in Australia, which was fun. Friends I have in one of the southern states are armed to the teeth, and the police don't bother to patrol there -- no need! I still can't get over going into Wallmart and being able to buy an AR15 or shotgun from the sports section and having them accept a Japanese driver's licence to buy ammo. 
    If I ever lived in the US and could legally do so, I'd buy a S&W M&P. That was the nicest handgun I've ever shot. Not sure if the below wasn't from it or a Glock, I don't remember. It was probably only 7 yards too. I do have a 15-yard target that was pretty well grouped from a post-CanJam range trip.

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