Grammar/punctuation in professional contact
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I have learned a few things this day.

thanks everybody!
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Okay, so my OP question was answered. Now I have a new one!

Is it okay to use smileys/emoticons in professional contact?

This could be e-mails to your boss or coworkers, an email to a cilent/customer, etc. What situations do or do not allow (or call for) emoticon usage, if any?
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no emoticons please.
I work as TA at my univ, and it's ridiculous what people will do.

While grading video reports for the course I ta, students always use ridiculous street/chatting language: "I loled when the main dude b****slaped that chick, then I dunno what happened...."

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"Hello; good morning" is not a very good use of semi-colon. But worse, you just don't need two saluations.

I might start a speech:

"Hello." "Good morning." "Today our topic is digital cables."

but I would not do both in writing.
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In the days of plain text, smileys in email were OK even in a business setting. The two basic colon-dash-paren variations were used often.

I received, and sent, many emails with these two in the early 90's.

Now that you get an automatic substitution of the yellow face graphic, I echo the suggestions of others here to avoid them.

I do know hiring managers who will throw your resume in the trash if you use them.
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never use smileys in work emails - i.e., emails to superiors or even coworkers - even if a good friend, as emails are often forwarded to/read by others.

oh. and make sure to capitalize.
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"Emoticons" have no place outside web-forums and chats. I tried to dispense with these even on forums (I don't chat), believing that words alone can convey any subtle nuances of meaning. But it turned out that, in the fast-track world of the info superhighway, people have no time for what I thought to be harmless verbal humor, and their instinct is to take offense. So:

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