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May 18, 2019
Jan 19, 2008
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Computer Software; Statistician by training

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Headphoneus Supremus, Male

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May 18, 2019
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    Computer Software; Statistician by training
    Golf (added 2010: not anymore, my wife now beats me at this game, with her huge driver); cooking.
    Computer Software, Statistical Trials
    Headphone Inventory:
    Stax - O2 Mk1; O2 Mk2 (SpritzerMod); 404; Lambda Sigs, Gammas.

    Sennheiser - Orpheus HE90; Baby Orpheus HE60; HD800 (moon-audio balanced cable; Blue Dragon); PX-100 and 200.

    Grado - GS1000 (balanced and Equinox re-cable by Stefan AudioArt; headphile custom pads); button RS-1; HF-2

    beyer - T1 (moon-audio balanced re-cable; Blue Dragon); ; 880/600 (headphile balanced Black Gold re-cable); 880/250 with head-tracking for beyer headzone; T50p.

    Audio Technica - AD2000 (APS balanced re-cable); ES7 (moon-audio mod: Silver Dragon); ES5.

    AKG - K1000; K701 (Headroom Cardas FatPipe balanced re-cable); K240DF (Zu balanced cable).

    Ultrasone - Pro750 (re-cabled by moon-audio, Silver Dragon); iCans.

    Denon - D7000; D2000 (really Lawton LA2000; markl mod and balanced by Mark Lawton); D1001 (re-cabled with D2000 cable).
    Headphone Amp Inventory:

    BHSE by Kerry (for both O2's) -- now with Mullard xf2s (late break-up)
    Senn HEV90 -- Orpheus (for HE90s)
    Balanced Beta 22 by YBM (for HD800)
    Dual balanced custom M^3 by YBM (for AD2K's, K701s, others)
    EF-1 (my only single-ended amp other than the beyer headzone, so I use it for the Grado's and sometimes the D7000, but the D7000 actually sounds better out of my vinntage Carver receiver, and even the headphone jack of the Benchmark DAC)
    QES HPBA-2 Custom Balanced for 600 ohm phones (beyer T1 and 880/600)
    SRM-717 (for the rest of the Stax and the Baby Orpheus)
    SRM-1 Mk-2 (for the Gammas)
    RWA Isabellina (specially built for the K1000)
    beyer Headzone (for 800/250)

    Portable: iQube / RSA Shadow / Custom Mini^3 by YBM / Pico Power on order
    Source Inventory:
    Wadia SACD CDP
    Silent PC running ASIO with MAudio 192 SPDIF, plus USB via SonicWeld Diverter.
    Transcriptor TT w/ vintage Shure V15-IV
    Denon modded univeral CDP (with Vanity Board)
    B&O CDP and TT with MMC2
    Sony CDP (several)
    Oppo universal CDP
    Sony PS3 with SACD playback and digital out

    Wadia (access thru CDP)
    RWA Isabellina (with HiRez Wolfson)
    beyer headroom.
    Lyngdof (access thru amp)

    Wadia iTransport.
    5.5 Gen iPods and iMods
    Cable Inventory:
    Silver Dragon, Zu, Kimber, BJC, Tara, AudioQuest, more ... not a big cable believer.
    Power-Related Components:
    Furutech, LightSpeed, Tara
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Hafler Vintage pre-amp & phono stage/ Carver Vintage / Lyngdorf AMP DSP combo -- 2 of these, they are magnificent/ PS Audio A100 / Maggies / Meridian DSP / dbx EQ / Aphex / B&O Vintage / beyer Headzone
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Sonifex, Kramer, RDL, and OneTouchMedia customized distribution system and patch panels for SPDIF and balanced audio switching.
    Music Preferences:
    Symphonic / Opera / Classic Rock / Pop / Rap (I buy and list Opera, but do I really listen? Tommy doesn't count).

    Plan to get in to Jazz at retirement (but I probably won't).
    Anything built by DeWalt. All my tools are yellow. But I don't know how to use them.
    Getting ready to retire ... to a world full of serious CD (added in 2010: and vinyl!) listening
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