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Grado SR80e vs Beyerdynamic dt880

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  1. OrganMonster
    If I could make one comment. I have owned the Grado SR-80 hp for at least 10 years it seems like. I used them for listening in my cube at work. After our hose burnt down in a forest fire I went on a search for a new pair of cans. I listened to a lot of them and ended up with the Grado 325, brand new shinny ones. The difference between the 80's and the 325's are night and day. The 325's are so nice and really is a work of art and feels very good in the hand. The mid range is better and the bass is very improved from the 80's. It was a breath of fresh air getting the 325. But my work has changed and I can no longer use an open backed headphone at work. Luckily I do not have to drive in there too often. But I will be selling my 325's and will be getting the Alpha Dogs closed back so I do not bother my cubical neighbors. Don't get me wrong, the 325's are far superior than the 80 and the 80's are very nice. I just think that the 325 is so much more of a headphone that there is no comparison. 
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  2. Liu Junyuan
    Thank you. Actually, I just needed some time to get used to them. I really am enjoying the Grados now; I have been trying to think of metaphors the past two days now to describe their unique sound, but words fail me! 
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  3. Liu Junyuan
    I haven't used the SR80s, but I was more referring to the L-Cushions, which you can put on all of the Grados. After some time, I am really appreciating both the SR225 and the L-Cushions, haven gotten used to to the feel on my ears. I highly recommend the Grado SR225 if you can get them. 
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  4. maestrochin29
    I would get them actually , since I have read that they are the Grado sweet spot , but reading your initial experience on the comfort gave me doubt's about it at first . So are you able to wear them on for long hours without the scratchy sensation
  5. pp312
    I'd have just gone and got a new hose myself.
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  6. Banman

     A hose probably wouldn't have done it.
    Seriously though, I used to work for an insurance company; the best thing to do is save all your receipts from high dollar items, take pictures or better yet video of your stuff, and place them in a safety deposit box.
    And get replacement-cost insurance if you can.
  7. OrganMonster
    I guess this goes for everyone with expensive hobbies or obsessions. I myself did not prepare for such a devastating event. Everyone should look at their insurance policy and make sure their toys are covered fully and have pictures of everything. I did not have time to get to the house to grab any of the important documentation and everything was kept in a safe at home. All we could show the insurance company was a picture of the burnt and melted safe. We learned an important lesson.
    But that is just 'stuff' that we lost. We also lost some of our animals and that is worse than just stuff.
    Everyone please make an inventory of what you own and keep it in a safe place.
  8. pp312
    Good advice, Organ. You don't usually think about it, but without receipts or photos you have no proof of ownership. I guess even with photos there's no proof you still actually own that item, or that it isn't a photo of a mate's equipment, but still, it's something. As for pets, yeah, that can knock you around. If I ever lost the upside-down kitty cat in my avatar I'd be too upset to worry about blinking headphones etc.
  9. ronak159
    I knw this thread is old but which ohm version of the dt880s do u own?As I was planning to buy the 990pros 250 ohm and also pls can u tell me if I wud be able to drive them fine of my m9 or shd I get the DT 770s 32 ohm version?
  10. ronak159
  11. rollingsheet

    I own the the pro version which is 250 ohm. I am not familier with the m9 but my phone (note II) drives them fine when I am using full volume.
    I am not experienced with the 32 ohm version but they should sound almost the same.
    Also you should know that there is a big difference between the dt990,dt880 and dt770.
  12. ronak159
    Thx for the info I know the difference between the different models of the DT line up I asked for the DT 770 because it is available in the 32 ohm version whereas the 990 pro isnt
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