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Grado (Soundstage, Clarity, and Seperation question)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by digitalfreak, Apr 27, 2011.
  1. DigitalFreak
    Good afternoon ladies/gentlemen:
    For the last 18 months or so I've really been enjoying my Grado SR60i's. I find these cans are wonderful headphones to zoning out to the various sub genres of hard rock and metal. As much as I like my SR60i's I have to admit to myself that sometimes with certain songs their shortcomings become painfully apparent. The one bone of contention I have with these cans is sometimes they can't handle some of the more busier songs I throw at them. In those rare cases the congestion in the sound can sometimes become quite annoying and can ruin an otherwise good listening session. Don't get me wrong I still love these cans but as I progress more into the various types of the heavier metal genres especially the melodic death and technical/progressive metal genres I've found my brain has started to slowly hone in more and more on the shortcomings of the SR60i.
    Over the last few weeks I've begun to wonder if maybe progressing up the Grado line might be a good idea. My question is could anyone out there recommend a Grado headphone with great WIDER sound stage that won't sacrifice any of the other elements of the SR60i sound signature I've come to enjoy? Specifically I was hoping for a Grado model that still had the forward mids and clarity. I'm willing to maybe give up a little and accept a touch of roll off on the highs as long as I had better separation and clear well defined forward mids. Slightly more balanced and well defined bass would also be an added plus but not a deal killer as long as the bass matched the SR60i. So fellow Grado fans is there anyone out there that could maybe give me a few suggestions?
    Thanks in advance:
    Bless \m/
  2. DigitalFreak
    bump :)
  3. Mad Max
    RS1, probably, though I don't know if it will be that much of a difference in soundstage width.
    ATH-AD900, on the other hand, may be your cup of tea even more.  Or AD2000.
    Soundstage differences are discussed in various threads a bit if you search.
  4. schwallman

    just grab an RS1 and dont look back. HF2 is also just as good IMO. HF2 is bassy and Thats what I like about them.

  5. rhythmdevils
    The mids are not as forward on the HF2 as the SR60, and well, they sound pretty different, they're much more neutral, not as aggressive. 
    The RS1 has slightly bigger soundstage, but it's not extreme.  The HP1000 has a bigger soundstage then the RS1...[​IMG]
    You'd probably like the SR325 if you like the aggressive, forward sound of the SR60 and want it more refined.  If you want a bit less treble, the MS2 would be a good choice.
  6. piaoasd123
  7. Danthrax
    I like my 600 ohm AKG k240 Monitors (discontinued can be found used) for Technical Metal. I found the exact same problem you did with the Grados.

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