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Grado RS1 going for $70

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by whoelse, Oct 31, 2012.
  1. whoelse
    Must be a scam :)
  2. streetdragon

    but then again are there such things as fake grados?
  3. Dyaems
    thats probably 70 ancient sumerian dollars which doesnt exist
  4. whoelse
    Sumerian gold dollar?
  5. dlalfjf1234
    um.... price seems to be right except audio section...
  6. whoelse
    So who want to buy? If win might win big, lose will be small haha.
  7. nikp
    Rule #1 in my book = "If something's too good to be true, it probably is."
    There's no way someone could sell it for $70. That's a ton of loss!
  8. whoelse
    I agreed with that absolutely.
  9. shil3277
    Take a look at other headphone on this web, not a single one exceed $100
  10. wes008
    Given that the spelling/gramar in all of their FAQs is terrible, and they're selling Apple products for less-than MSRP, I'd place my bets on it being a scam. Still like to see someone try though :)
  11. ProjectDenz
    Obvious scam site is obvious. They are selling the $1000+ Audio Technica W5000  for $74 and the famous Koss ESP 950 for $72....
  12. streetdragon
    i wonder what would happen if we did buy from them, maybe they would send us a pair of fake beats in an AKG/Grado/Koss/Sennheiser box?[​IMG]
  13. chewy4
    Only one way to find out...
    Hey who knows, maybe they just stole them or something.
  14. Blackmore
    Fairytale from China.
  15. TrollDragon
    They have to be real... There's a BBB Accredited logo on the page.
    I didn't realize the BBB will certify a business in Shenzhen, CHINA

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