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Good Headphones for metal at a good price

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by miketr, Jul 19, 2012.
  1. MikeTR
    Hi guys, as the title says, i'm looking for a good quality headphones at a reasonable price.
    My price range is at 70€.
    I'm going to use them to listen to bands like: Trivium, Metallica, Lamb of God,etc. Between these kinds of bands.
    Now I wouldn't call myself a bass head, but i do love bass, and I heard that the higher the quality the crappier the songs will sound, this regarding to metal, due to the, as someone mentioned, the war against loudness.
    Also i'de prefer closed back because i don't want to bother people with my music.
    Soo..what's your suggestions?
  2. manzana
    Hi MikeTR, for rock I suggest Grado SR80i.
    Actually I use it for that kind of music, and it does the work very well.
  3. obobskivich
    +1 on the SR-80. However if the open-ness is a problem, I'd also suggest the Sennheiser HD 280Pro. They don't sound much alike, but both are good for the price.
  4. MetalHealth30
    Sr-80i for almost all metal except death metal and some black metal, the double bass and blast beats just aren't as engaging with its low bass. That said, the sr-80i excels for all other forms of metal/rock imo.
  5. MikeTR
    I see, i'll do some googling on it, if you say the price is in that range.
    Thank you all for the info, if you got more, i appreciate it!

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