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Geek Pulse: Geek desktop DAC/AMP by Light Harmonics

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  1. kallekutta

    I'm also wondering this!
  2. dcpoor
    Well the Pulse will be priced at more than 2x the price of the base Geek Out, so I'm hoping for good implementation of the Sabre 9018 desktop chip and balanced outputs.
  3. eliwankenobi
    The ConceroHD/HP uses the mobile ES90182kM, just like the current prototype of the Pulse, and all reviews are very positive, maybe even rave!

    I don't see it as a bad thing to keep using the same chip. It's all about how it is implemented. The ES9018 has been implemented in many DACs in many price points from $800 to $5000 and they don't sound the same because of their implementation. The new Pulse should sound better thanks to the use of bigger and higher performing parts that would allow LH to get the most out of it. And that's where the extra money over the Geek is going I believe.

    I used to think that they should change to the desktop too, but the more I think about it, the more I tend to echo what others have said... I rather have the best a 90182KM DAC can be than a ES9018 gone wrong or with limitations that would prevent it from achieving its best performance.

    NOW, If Larry Ho and the rest of the team manages to put the desktop es9018 in there and get better performance than they could ever get out of the ES90182KM given the design limitations... Bring it ON!!
  4. eliwankenobi
    I do wonder how is it going to play DSD... Is it through ASIO or DoP?

    I also think that one of the most important things here are solid drivers so we don't get problems when switching between different sample rates of PCM and DSD
  5. Johnnyhi
    Whichever works best...
  6. sbradley02
    Could someone elucidate the differences between the mobile and desktop chipsets?
    I tend to agree that implementation is more important than the exact silicon chosen
  7. eliwankenobi

    Here: http://esstech.com/index.php?p=products_DAC

    In essence the mobile version is only stereo instead of 8ch and has a little less snr... But still pretty good. Other than that, less power consumption and smaller size. If there is something more, I missed it
  8. sbradley02

    Yes. The SNR difference is completely meaningless in the real world. There was a mention in the desktop chip about Time Domain Jitter Eliminator. Maybe that is a real difference.
  9. Icenine2
    This thing is too cool.  I think I'll buy one for my daughter and when she doesn't use it I will for late night listening off the laptop instead of the Liquid Fire!
  10. sbradley02
    I would love to read a comparison of the two [​IMG]
    The Liquid Fire is my favorite headphone amp, but I haven't had a chance to direct compare it to the other amp I have really been impressed with recently.
  11. FraGGleR
    Already contemplating what to sell off and when in anticipation of this guy.
  12. m-i-c-k-e-y
    I am not an engineer, in another forum Larry Ho was talking that his system (Geek Pulse)  is full quad phased balanced. Any light of this?
  13. a_recording
    Set phasers to FULL QUAD BALANCED!!!

    Sorry, I know that wasn't helpful.
  14. eliwankenobi
    The ES9018-2KM also has the Time Domain Jitter Eliminator.  (check here: http://esstech.com/PDF/ES9018-2M%20PB%20Rev%200.8%20130619.pdf)
    But I believe most of the recent DACs that use the Desktop ES9018 have that feature disabled and choose to use the chip in synchronous mode with an external clock from any of the asynchronous USB implementations.  People find that running the chip that way with a very low noise power supply are key in getting the best performance out of the chip.
  15. dclaz
    Realistically, how would you think this compares to the ODAC/O2 ? Definitely looks interesting.
    I must say that the 'anti resonance feet' stretch goal looks a bit like voodoo
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