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Geek Pulse: Geek desktop DAC/AMP by Light Harmonics

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  1. Sweden
    If it works for you good, it's a subjective pleasure we are talking about here after all, but 600 dollar feet for a device that don't have moving part is snake oil if the expression snake oil mean anything.
    I bet dem feet look good though. [​IMG]
    It's because of stuff like this I will never call myself an audiophile. The term comes with too much baggage. It's like feminist.
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  2. blueangel2323
    Vibration absorbing feet make sense for vacuum tubes because of microphonics. For SS it's absolute baloney.
  3. belisk
    $600 for feet? and i thought audio fidelity network cables was bad.

    what sort of USB chip is being used? if its Tenor, no thank you, i've never seen a Tenor implemented properly

    would like to see XMOS
  4. NinjaHamster
    So, solid state has no vibrations - not only internal, but external - you can just pop one onto a subwoofer with no concern then ?  Transformers don't vibrate ?  Electricity has no mechanical properties ?  Well, rest my soul in the bosom of Abraham.  All the world's ills have just been cured.  It would be wonderful to be an oblivious objectivist.  Cables don't matter as it doesn't make sense that they should (let's ignore the actual "sound" here, I'm reading from a textbook ... a textbook which weighs a lot and is therefore valid - especially from my limited understanding of what it says).  Isn't there a "sound science" forum where these people can "hang out" ?  If you can't hear it - don't buy it ... but if other people can, well ... they spend their money where they perceive it is best spent. Amen.
  5. germay0653
    Just put in my order also. Looking forward to seeing the final product.
  6. dclaz
    Is there much reviews or consensus of the quality of their other GEEK product?
  7. sbradley02
    None have been released.
    This will be the first: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gavn8r/geek-a-new-usb-awesomifier-for-headphones
  8. head-hi
    Thanks for doing this thread. I'm in for the $398 bundle.
    Please keep us informed as to the feature updates and such. 
  9. digitalzed
    Not on Geek products since they haven't been released yet, but the company behind geek is Light Harmonics and they make a very well regarded high end DAC called the DaVinci. So these guys have credibility coming into these projects. Sure, they could not deliver, but I personally think the chance of them delivering a crap product is very low. And some people have heard the prototype of the geek portable DAC have returned positive initial impressions.
  10. Johnnyhi
    i think is a TI with Geek custom code/software...  
    TI,XMOS,VIA,C-MEDIA make good chips...
  11. rdsu

    Is XMOS.
  12. Johnnyhi
    [​IMG] LOL... i thought this was the normal geek/geek out thread.... i see i'm not the only one, Sonicmasala posted on the wrong thread too...
  13. richbass
    Is this good for High Impedance HP's  ? 150,250,300 and 600 ohms ? As in, Better and more powerful than E9 ?
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