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FYI for people who like Monster Supertips - 11.90 @ your local staples

  1. zebus
    These are my favorite tips for my IE8s, and mine were in bad need of replacing, and through sheer luck I found out they just recently went on sale a few days ago at Staples (I was about to drop $30 for some on Amazon after I found out my local Best Buy stopped carrying them). Anyways, thought this was too good a deal not to share, think I might go back and get a few more just to stock up, no idea how long it will last.
  2. DaBomb77766
    I wonder if that's the case in Canada too...
  3. Dah-Dee
    Marked, and rang up, regular price at my local Staples in Virginia... *but* when I showed the cashier the $11.90 "clearance" price on the product page at Staples.com, literally him took about 10 seconds to match it at the register and I was on my way :)
  4. jasonb
    Ill berunnng to my local staples tomorrow to check it out.
  5. FieldingMellish
    Great deal on the sample pack. These fit a lot of IEM's due to the way the interior hole can stretch. It also comes with tiny plastic adapters to step up for those IEM's with pin-hole type nozzles.
  6. jasonb
    Went to my local staples and grabbed these. They were marked 24.99 on the shelf and at the register, but i showed the cashier the website on my iPhone and she matched the price. I am using the medium size foam hybrid on my GR01's and i must say i like them so far. I dont hear any change in sound and the comfort is very good. Havent tested isolation yet since in im a quiet room right now.
    Is there a way to buy a few in just the medium size? Im sure these wont last forever and id like to possibly get a couple extra pairs if i end up really liking them.
  7. DaBomb77766
    Amazon sells them individually I believe.  That one is just the sampler pack.
  8. jasonb
    Thanks! Checked out amazon and they do have big packs of individual sizes. Ill try these for a week or so. If i end up loving them, ill order extras.
  9. FieldingMellish
    Staples sold them for MSRP, which is probably why they weren't moving, leading to this close-out. That, plus an audio-related item like the Monster tips isn't something that the typical Staples customer is interested in. Even at the sale price, I think its overpriced, but am happy to have gotten them for the sale price nonetheless.
  10. Saraguie
    Shows sold out now online.
  11. jasonb
    So, one of my medium size foam tips is considerably more dense than the other. One is really soft and comfortable, and one is much harder and not quite that comfortable. I emailed monster asking if they want me to exchange them or if they want to send me a replacement pair. 
  12. AstroTurf
    Are you sure the Soft & Comfy One isn't a Comply Foam Tip?
    Just Kidding, Jim
    PS I think that the Monster Tips (if you can use them) are a very high quality tip.
  13. Trower
    Went to my local staples after work and they had them for 24.99 and they would not price match their own site! They were extreamly rude in the process, won't ever do any business with them in the future.
  14. 20degrees
    I was gonna buy these on amazon a few weeks ago but passed on the $30 tag. Figured they more than likely would'nt justify the price. Well. I went and grabbed my son from school today and swung by staples after. They had them for $24. Grabbed a pack and told my son to grab the rest just in case. Had the site pulled up on my phone when the guy rang them up and he adjusted the price. Bought the last of them that the store had. 
    These sound great (white silicone) with the creative aurvana in-ear 2. They actually make the creatives sound much better. These tips are amazing imo.
    Haven't tried them with the x10 yet. 
    Thanks to the OP for the heads-up. 
  15. zebus
    Yes, I encountered this problem when I went back to buy one more. Technically the rule is they can price match site, unless if its sold out online in which case they can't. So they wouldn't sell me another even though I had bought them there at sale price a couple days earlier.
    I'm glad to see people are having luck still getting them besides this though, I might go back later and see if I can get a different cashier, agreed on them being rude through, but thats just about any retail store nowadays..

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