1. nharrietha

    Comply tips vs. Monster SuperTips (IEM Tips)

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anybody has used either Comply (I'm sure 99% of you have) or Monster SuperTips or better yet, both. I've used foam Comply's and I was just wondering if the SuperTips would offer better sound quality and seal. 
  2. zebus

    FYI for people who like Monster Supertips - 11.90 @ your local staples

    These are my favorite tips for my IE8s, and mine were in bad need of replacing, and through sheer luck I found out they just recently went on sale a few days ago at Staples (I was about to drop $30 for some on Amazon after I found out my local Best Buy stopped carrying them). Anyways, thought...
  3. Monster® Foam SuperTips Replacement Kits

    Monster® Foam SuperTips Replacement Kits

    Monster SuperTips Foam eartips are for engineered to stay in your ears during active listening and provide superior comfort. You'll also get amazing sound isolation and enhanced sound. The Replacement Kit comes with six pairs of eartips and a bonus Revolver Eartip case and a pair of SuperTips...