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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Gunz.jones
    Thanks for the advice. I have some of a lot of that stuff and sill be trying it out. Considered thin felt under the pad when I was asking, but wanted to know others' experiences.
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  2. theangelboy
    Alright, I have a question for anyone that has the TH-X00 Dekoni pads. I found a Chinese-made pad that looks similar but I haven't been able to find dimensions of the Dekoni pads to compare. So if anyone could give me the measurements (preferably of the hybrid pad) I would be very grateful.

    Here are the dimensions of the Chinese pad. Is the Dekoni close in size?
    Diameter: 100mm
    Thick Side Thickness: 30mm
    Thin Side Thickness: 20mm
    Ear Hole Opening: 60mm x 37mm

    Thanks in advance! :o2smile:
  3. xledruidx
    could you link me to these comparisons? been googling for 1hour trying to see the difference
  4. Vonx
    Thanks for this! One of the easiest purchases I've made on headfi :D

    I think it has been discussed somewhere on one of the thx00 threads/Reddit, but does someone know where you can purchase extra mounting rings for the thx00 pads? I don't have a 3d printer but would be willing to buy some from someone who does

    PS i've been wanting to try different flavors of wood to switch up the sound as well. Does anyone have any emu or fostex cups (particularly ebony or teak) that they'd be willing to sell? I love my PH but would like to see how the ebonies change the profile, particularly in the treble
  5. SilverEars
    It's really surprising that different cups makes such a difference. Basically, Ebony wood cup has most balance? Any other components are identical among the X00s or R00s?
  6. Vonx
    FWIH, Ebony has subbass tilt, little bit faster and cleaner, slightly less pronounced highs.

    PH has more midbass tilt, but still also has strong subbass, more cup reverb and warmth in lower mids, brightest highs

    I'm probably going to go with some driver loading and pad roll for something with a tiny bit less highs on my PH, but I'm still interested in trying out some different cups if anyone has any
  7. koover
    Try the ZMF Ori pads. They definitely smooth out the treble on my PH’s.
  8. theangelboy
    Interesting. I had the opposite experience on my PH. I felt the ori pads boosted the treble and sucked out the midrange.
  9. Vonx
    I just tried out the Ori pad-like pads you found on aliexpress with cutout attenuators and I'm hearing huge differences in whether I keep the front part of the attenuators out, my observations are:

    With front and back part of attenuators in: warmer and woolier bass than stock pads, maybe slightly less taughtness and rumble than stock pads, slower decay, lots of focus on the lower mids in male voice, lower textures of horns stick out, overall less highs than stock, less airy and smaller staging than stock, more focus on mids as a whole, especially lower parts. More hd650 like, I kind of like it as a change up.

    With front attenuators out: way more upper mids, lots of focus and shoutyness on higher voices, snares make an extremely hard "thwack" sound, noticibably less bass than both stock pads and these pads with front attenuators, easier to focus on certain instruments but still less stage width and air/detail than stock pads. Feels like areas of the FR are "missing".

    The perfect way to test this is on the end of Earth, wind, and fires "shining star" where you can hear in the horns and voices at the end the major emphasis change between lower and upper mids.

    I think I still prefer sound of stock pads but Ori pads with full attenuators in is less fatiguing and does some nice warm things to lower mids. I will have to try cutting these attenuators to different sizes, right now they cover the edges of the open hole of the pad a bit
  10. SilverEars
    If it's anything like the Auteur pads, I'd advise against. There's a good reason why stock pads are the way it is. Any increase in pad room will be detrimental to the response, particularly the bass.
  11. koover
    I absent mindedly forgot to mention I also did the driver dampening only on the PH. With the dampening and Ori pads,
    I don’t hear any sucked out mids nor boosted treble.
  12. theangelboy
    I had the Lawton driver-only mod when I tried the Ori pads, too. Everyone's ears are different, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Vonx
    Is there a place where you can buy pad attachment rings? I've seen the 3d print files but don't have a 3d printer

    I'd like to be able to quickly swap pads without having to take them off the ring and stretch on a new one each time so I can a/b them more easily
  14. Fat 5miley
    Search for Fostex Attenuation Rings in Shapeways.com
  15. Traiguen
    Has anyone compared the Mahogany to the ZMF Atticus?
    I'd love to hear your opinions.
    Thank you
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