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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. UpTo11
    Thanks for your reply!
    Indeed I'm looking for an upgrade of the 1more TDOE, both in sound and comfort.
    What about presentation, detail & soundstage? I like the way the 1more TDOE present the music, I'd call it forward and near, they don't sound distant, recessed/boxy or veiled in any way. It's just like sitting in the front row. The soundstage is a weak point though, expecially depth.
  2. koover
    I agree with everything you said but to me, the treble on the 1MTDOE is it’s strong point. I think it’s excellent. Also depends on what your source is too.
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  3. Purplezorz
    I too agree that the soundstage on the OneMore is tiny because it's "on-ear". The Fostex is a step up in every element - although I'm going to be referring to the Purplehearts which are the more bassey variant. The bass extends further and has better texture. The mids are more coherent, richer, but are SLIGHTLY (a lot of people over-exaggerate this) stepped back. The treble is very crispy, but you can EQ it down a bit. If you're not treble sensitive, it'll be heaven. The OneMore is much more reserved and balanced IMO in comparison.

    The soundstage is wider on the Fostex, but not that wide compared to say the Phillips Fidelios X2, but wider than the HD 650/6XX. Depth is there, and greater than the one mores, but I find the HD800S and Sony Z1R go much deeper - even the MDR-1000X goes deeper methinks.

    If you get the TR-X00s, get replacement pads. I got the Dekoni Hybrid Elites when they dropped and they don't really change the sound (significantly enough for me to care, if at all), but keep the cans much more solid on your head and eliminates sweating and overall comfort.
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  4. HungryPanda
    I'm still rocking the TH-X00 Purpleheart stock
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  5. Thenewguy007
    Anyone tried the earpads from the Fostex TH900 on these? Maybe the Dekoni sheepskin version?

    I'm looking for something with a bigger opening, so my ears don't press up on the material as much.
    I'm looking at either the TH900 pads of the ZMF Auteur earpads, which also have a large opening.

    Anyone know how much the sound signature will change from either pad?
  6. Purplezorz
    I haven't personally tried, but I heard that the fixtures were different so they're not compatible. I think in the end it made the sound horrendous too.
    Try searching this forum for TH-900 or something, I'm sure it's come up before back when V-racer and the other guys were having pad discussions more frequently.
  7. DavidA
    When I had a TH-X00 I tried the ear pads from my TH600 (which seemed like identical to my friends TH900 pads) and also the Dekoni sheepskin. The sound of the THX00 did change a bit due to the really different shape of the pads but since it was a few years ago I can't remember how the sound changed but for me the comfort was so much better than the stock THX00 pads which for me were painful after 20-30 minutes. Both the TH600 and Dekoni sheepskin pads are much softer, have a larger opening, and a bit deeper so I'd expect the sound to change.
  8. Gunz.jones
    Does anyone know of a good portable case that fits these? I just got a pair of PH and was looking for something I could put them in before traveling. Would any of the formed to fit headphone cases work or would the be the wrong size? This is what I was looking at

    Tosnail Full-Sized Hard Headphone Case - Great Protection for Audio Technica, Beats, Sony and More - Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XG2N7SQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_sP9RCb7EHD4SW
  9. theangelboy
    Do you have the TH or TR (removable cable version) of the Purpleheart? I have this case and it fits my Purpleheart quite nicely if I remove the cable first. So something that has a similar interior space should work. If you have the TH version with the non-removable cable I'm not sure how much extra clearance that would need (if any) but it would need a large enough storage area for that ridiculous stock cable.
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  10. VRacer-111
    A TR would actually be a tighter fit than a TH because of the big bump added for the removeable cable part. So if a case fits a TR it'll fit a TH no problem..
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  11. Gunz.jones
    It's TH. That look like the case I was looking into, just without the shape for the ear cups. I plan on going with removable cable if I keep them. I know I could've bought the TR for all that's worth, but these came in cheaper. Thanks for the info.
  12. theangelboy
    If any of you are considering getting the Ori lambskin pads for the X00 or E-MU Teaks you should consider these pads from Aliexpress instead. I paid $17.24 for mine (they were running a sale) and my Ori pads cost me $67.98 after shipping (almost 4x the price!). I received the knockoff pads today and and they are pretty much identical to the Ori pads. I originally ordered them in hopes that they would be more similar to J-Money pads but they are Ori clones instead. In the first 3 images at the bottom of my post, the Ori pad is on the right, the Aliexpress knockoff is on the left. The last 2 images demonstrate the only appreciable difference that I could find between the pads; the filter material on the knockoff pads is slightly more dense but I highly doubt it will affect the sound much of anything. It's hard to see the difference in person unless you are holding them up to the light.

    As for dimensions they are ever-so-slightly different, the largest difference being 1.4 mm, but that's well within the margin of error for handmade, squishy things. The Ori dimensions are listed first and the Aliexpress measurements are listed second with a "/" separating them. I did the measurements in mm for accuracy.
    • Diameter: 102.3 mm / 100.6 mm
    • Thick Side: 31.5 mm / 32.9 mm
    • Thin Side: 23.9 mm / 23.3 mm
    • Ear Hole Width: 47.2 mm / 46.9 mm
    • Ear Hole Height: 69.9 mm / 70.1 mm
    As far as I could tell, they sounded identical, although it was difficult to A/B them since I only have one set of mounting rings and by the time I got the one set of pads off and the other one on, any subtle nuances in the sound were lost to my ears. Having one knockoff pad and one Ori pad on the headphone at the same time wasn't very enlightening either.

    I should also mention that even though the knockoff pad has a slightly smaller diameter it was actually easier to mount because it has less flap material on the back to get the way of the mounting ring teeth less than the Ori pads. You can see in the 2nd image where the Ori pad material bunched up around the 4 teeth when they were mounted on my Purpleheart. The foam used in both seem identical. But the last thing I noticed was that the grain of the leathers used between the two pads were slightly different although they are both definitely leather. The kockoff pads have a more glossy finish whereas the Ori pads are more matte. In person I actually think the knockoff pads look more premium and "leathery" thanks to the more traditional, leather sheen. The Ori pad could pass for high quality pleather until you touch it or smell it.

    I feel slightly sick to think of how much extra I paid for these Ori pads so I think I'm going to sell them and try to recoup my losses as much as I can. I might have to list them on eBay since I blew my chances at selling them on Head-Fi thanks to this post... I'm probably going to list my Ori pads for sale this weekend or early next week so if you guys have any questions about the comparison of the two, ask them now. ...or if you want to buy a slightly-used set of Ori pads...? :ksc75smile: Don't blame a guy for trying!

    20190415_191445.jpg 20190415_191458.jpg 20190415_191612.jpg 20190415_191958.jpg 20190415_191949.jpg
  13. Gunz.jones
    What is the best way to tame the highs without losing my bass? I like that it's clear, but they can get to ear bleeding with the right medium. Was using these with my phone at a drive in and leaves craving, screaming, twigs snapping... It was too much. Only time I've flinched with them so far, but there has to be an acoustic way to help outside of eq.
  14. Lohb
    You can put cheap shelfliner behind the earpads...it will take the edge off the peaks..cheers !
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  15. theangelboy
    As Lohb mentioned you can use rubber shelf liner (like this) in between the driver and the pads to tame the highs. Although that can mess with the timbre depending on the phones and the pads. Toilet paper or Kleenex in front of the driver is another common way to tame the highs. I have seen people use coffee filters or surgical masks too. You could also try some felt or open cell foam. Some of the best results I have had when taking the edge off of highs is using some thin cotton cloth. Basically, to remove lows you dampen behind the driver, to remove highs you put stuff in front of the driver and the thicker the material, the more treble it's going to block. Each of these materials that I listed will affect a different frequency range a different amount. And, since everyone's ears are different, it's important to experiment to find what the best combo is for you. The good thing about the X00 is that the locking rings the pads are mounted on make it easy to quickly take them on and off so you can try a whole bunch of materials rather quickly with minimal effort, at least, compared to some other 'phones I've modded (I'm looking at you, M1060!).

    I hope that helps.
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