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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Nhare90
    Unlike this thread- these th-x00 are simply on point! I'm digging the soundstage. So far that's what has stood out to me more than any other area. The bass is good but not what I remember about the th900 as the th900 seemed to just extend until bass turned into liquids in my ears :) it's not that sparkly up top either with for better or worse is different considering the amazing experience I had listening to "you shook me all night long" by acdc with the th900. These are great and well worth 400$ but I miss the th900 and suppose I was setting myself up for failure getting these expecting th900 level of refinement.

    The mods are certainly more prominent here on the thx00 than they ever were on the th900. I can't help but say I feel the difference between the two is similar to how I felt about the se846/W60 fiasco I go through everyday lol. I love the se846 but they are engagingly fatiguing where as the w60 sneakishly creep on you until you realize they are always pleasant to listen to where sometimes I have to be in a "mood" to hear things the way the se846 makes me want to.

    Andddddd as soon as I was done writing this "laid to rest" by lamb of god came tumbling through these thx00's.... **** it. This is a good day and these are phenomenal cans. Never judge a book by its cover I guess. That double foot pedal bass is just.. Yes sir.

    Edit: listening Straight out of iPhone six plus with Grado 1/4-1/8 adaptor. I'm cheap. Can't convince myself to buy a dac/amp
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  2. notfitforpublic
    Pretty hard to review them when DHL is schiiting the bed and not delivering them [​IMG].
    Mine just updated. It took 4 days for DHL to get them from Edison NJ to Secaucus NJ to be processed. Nice one DHL... Nice
  3. Fido2

    Nice! LOG always hits the spot!
  4. Kozic
        So mine came in yesterday,all I'm going to say for now is they need time to burn in. It has been almost 24 hours now and the bass has cleaned up some. As for the mids and the highs they seem to be on point. By Thursday I should have a better handle on what they can do. 
  5. vwinter
    Anyone else hear some sizzle in not exactly ideal masterings with vocals?

    Posted impressions in another thread, mostly positive in case anyone thinks this is going downhill fast, and will repost after a bit of adjustment because I'm mainly an IEM user.
  6. Hansotek

    Houston, the Fostex has landed.
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  7. MannerPylon
    I have noticed some sizzle in the treble for female vocals
  8. YtseJamer
    Great.  So do you think that they are good with Metal music ? [​IMG]
  9. Stephan
    Straight out of the box these things sound very good  I'm listening at work out of my Geek Out 450, bass is deep and impactful, not sloppy and lacking in texture, highs are airy but not too hot, I like my cans on the warm side, sound stage is not huge but has a nice depth, mids seems on point, not recessed, not as lush as my HD650's, but I wasn't expecting them to be. Definitely looking forward to seeing if burn in makes them even better. So far I'm very happy. After a couple hours of break in I noticed an improvement too.
  10. quisxx
    Got my pair a few minutes ago (I live in jersey and just got mine :rage::rage:, people further got them sooner) for the guys who said these are bass light, please see your local audiologist at your earliest convenience.
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  11. quisxx
    Also my pair has an imperfection on the wood :angry::rage::cry:
  12. Hansotek
    Quick first impression with zero burn in: 
    - I'm really liking the extra midrange here, relative to the TH900 and Denons. 
    - Vocals are noticeably better than other Fostex/Denon presentations I have heard, IMO, YMMV.*
    - These guys did a great job on the treble tuning. Fed it a sibilant test track immediately and it was quite polite w/o feeling recessed.
    - Bass impact really comes out to play, when called upon. This was the area I was most concerned about. Big thumbs up!
    - Subbass rumbles my brain with authority! I am a basshead, and I am quite pleased.
    - Soundstage and imaging are fantastic and live up to the Fostex name. 
    - Very good clarity. Hard to think of many/any other $399 dynamic driver options that can hang with it. Especially not any with much bass.
    - The pads are okay. Not the greatest, but much more comfortable than I thought they would be.
    - I'm excited to see how well this resolves tonight, once I plug it into some big amps and a nicer R2R DAC.
    - The subbass is a little bit one-notey out of the box, as @MattTCG said. I wonder if it will gain more pitch differentiation with burn-in. Instrumental tone woods do tend to "mature" as you run more sound through them, and obviously the driver probably needs time to reach its full potential. 
    These are looking like a really solid buy, so far. Obviously, I haven't had much time with them yet to form detailed impressions. I'm looking forward to hearing more and seeing how these compare to some others.
    *Please do not go around quoting me as saying the TH-X00 is better than the TH900. I'm not saying that. I'm simply saying there are some areas where I subjectively prefer the sound of these. Most notably the fuller midrange sound for vocals. 
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  13. iMusicLover
    Hello guys what Amp/Dac recomend for Fostex TH-X00 under 600€. Now I am seeing into Schiit Magni or Vali amp and Bifrost dac
  14. JohnYang
    Hey I have the same update too. I think our units might be on the same truck.
    Also there is a Canada Post tracking number on the right side of the tracking page, I think they are passing the package to Canada Post.
  15. Hansotek
    Brutality, check! I absolutely do, for the tracks I've tested so far. A few more in-depth thoughts:
    The impact is really awesome for double kicks. I'll admit, I was a little worried at first when I heard how much rumble it had in the subbass (and the slight one-noteyness I mentioned earlier), but the midbass punch is so hard, it completely overcomes the very slight looseness in the subbass region and keeps the music feeling really tight. At the same time, midbass seems to do a really good job of staying clear of the lower midrange. 
    Attack, decay and seperation are pretty strong... I mean, I threw on Spawn of Possession's "Where Angels Go, Demons Follow" and I felt like each note was pretty punchy and distinctive. This attribute would make or break the headphone for me in many ways), and it definitely passes the test.
    Guitars have good energy and are presented in a way that isn't overly colored. Production that is really hot in the upper mids can get a touch fatiguing (but again, this is right out of the box... I've found this frequency band often improves appreciably with burn-in).
    Really liking it so far. Will definitely be posting more comparisons, etc on the metal thread later.
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