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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. mrip541
    Received mine today. Based on only a brief listen, I generally agree with a lot of the positive impressions in here but would argue that the bass is a bit more boosted, and the treble a bit hotter/not as natural as people are reporting. Rock/metal? Hell yeah. Acousitc/vocals? Maybe not as much.
  2. CFGamescape
    I received shipping confirmation yesterday and it's scheduled to be delivered next Monday, 12/14, to California. I'm okay with it.
  3. eyoon

    I think you're better off spending more on your amp than DAC. solid state is probably better than tubes due to the output impedance. If you're going with Schiit, perhaps try the Asgard 2 and Modi 2.
  4. Happytalk
    I don't have those headphones, and as you know Jazz will kick ass depending on the music and recording. However, what I listened to was lively enough. I listened shortly to some Jazz yesterday on the TH X00 and felt the bass (Ron Carter) was louder than it should be, but, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn't get in the way of the rest of the instruments, which were Piano (Kenny Barron), Tenor Saxophone (Jimmy Heath), Trombone (Slide Hampton), and Drums (Art Taylor). A later Rudy Van Gelder recording. WAV file from an LP Rip. Flat EQ. Made with a Technics SL1200mk2, AT440 cartridge, which is not known for it's warmth or bass, so the Fostex headphones more than made up for that. The thing that impressed me was that the bass was very present, maybe even a little too present for some people's tastes, yet nothing else seemed affected. One of the plusses to this bass situation is that all details (bass included) will be present at lower listening levels, which I love. More music, and less fatigue. I'll take some pics and listen to some LP's tonight on two different systems. I'll also try it with the Fostex HP-P1 and straight out of my Ibasso DX90. Bass is pumping more than my HD600's
  5. rdnkjdi
    This is one of the reasons I'm willing to pay as much as I have for headphones.  It's so great to be able to hear the details that make music interesting without killing my eardrums.  Can't wait to see what I think.  I tried the hifiman 560 and it didn't do it for me (maybe I like warmth?).
  6. inseconds99
    Got my TH-X00's today, been listening for them for about 40 minutes and here are my VERY EARLY IMPRESSIONS: (Note I've owned the TH-900's for the better part of 2 months)
    - Treble/UpperMids are smoothed out enough for me to listen to Clipse Grindin without flinching every 3 seconds from the clap. (Listen to the song and see what I mean)
    - Mids are slightly more forward then the TH-900's (I didn't mind the slightly recessed mids of the 900's) but this is a nice surprise.
    - The build quality feels almost no different from my TH-900's (the 900's cups and earpad materials are 100% better.)
    - They look amazing for the $399 price.
    - Bass is nearly as present and capable as the TH-900 except it isn't as textured, more loose and in a way sounds like 1 bass note. (TH-900s bass quality seems better though the quantity has the same capabilities with some EQ/Bassboost)
    - Earpads have a cheap feeling and look, they fit my ears better then I thought but they are def getting hot.
    - Clamping, I haven't heard anyone mention this, maybe its the pads or because my TH-900's are broken in but these headphones seem to pressure my ears and specifically the jaw more then the 900's
    - Cable should be removable (seriously how do you put this much time fixing the the TH-600/900 and miss the biggest complaint of the headphone, THE CABLE)
    - Packaging and Box presentation were awful. Cheaply made box, awfully packed in bubble-wrap with nothing protecting the cups and shoved in between 2 pieces of cardboard. (Guess you get what you pay for, except I paid $400 and this presentation is really poor for that price.)
    Remember these are very early impressions. I def like these headphones but there is def some trade offs from the 900's. Whether these trade offs are good or bad are all depending on what you're looking for in a headphone. Smooth treble/mids with 1 noted bass notes and cheaper materials/price vs Harsher highs, slightly recessed mids, all around better bass quality and premium build/materials.
  7. Magick Man
    I swapped the pads w/ my TH600s and it's as I thought, the sound wasn't drastically different but there were some interesting points:

    The THX00s are still a couple dB less intense in the highs, which means there's something else causing that.
    The bass did bloat a little with the TH600 pads, but the THX00 pads on the TH600s reigned in their bass (interesting).
    Clarity remained the same.
    The THX00 pads tightened up the bass with my TH900s as well, which really changes their sound balance, bringing the mids in closer.

    Summary: I need a couple more sets of THX00 pads. :D

    Massdrop, put the pads for these up for sale, please.
  8. thug behram
    THX00 vs TH600 head to head?
  9. PixelPusher21
    Mine do too.. its a Beauty mark though, not an imperfection.  If these were the th900's it would be unacceptable, but on these I think its just character.
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  10. fjrabon

    Remember reading somewhere that they discussed removable cables and a better box/bag, but that it would have pushed the price over $500. With the standard cables they were able to just appropriate TH series materials they've had for years. Essentially they aimed to do everything they could to not compromise performance and look, while staying sub $500 (in fact ended sub $400, if just by a dollar).
  11. Happytalk
    I'm with you on this. Bass is def boosted, but I don't own the other Fostex and Denon's that people are discussing, so the boost may be on par with them. Hoping it sits well with me over time, since I liked everything else. I'm not against treble being a little hot. 
  12. Kwangsun
    Just be glad that a pouch was included at all. My D5K didn't get a home until I bought a hard case for them. I wouldn't keep them in the pouch however, and would invest in a good hard case like I did with the D5K. 
    As for cables, just be careful around them when using them. You should have no issues whatsoever. Unless you own pets. Had mine for nearly 4 years. Granted that mine is so sparsely used that they probably total 20 hours or less. But I do hate the way they twist every time I store them. 
  13. heliosphann
    So I didn't need a signature for my $500 Final Design Sonorus VI's, but I do for the $400 Fostex??? Nice one Massdrop.
  14. rmp459
    I actually like the pads quite a bit - maybe I just lucked out with head shape and ear size.  Clamping force is no more than my he-400i's. Definitely a comfortable pair of headphones.
    Treble is definitely a tad hotter than the rest of my collection, but not too hot.  Actually gives them a nice sparkle or something.
    Mids obviously recessed, but very smooth.
    Bass is boosted, but I still don't have enough listening time make judgement.  It doesn't sound muddy to me, it just has so much more bass "presence" than I am used to.  I feel like with every song I get under my belt I am adjusting to it and enjoying it more.  Some ranges sound better than others.
    I don't have any experience with the th-600 or the th-900, but it definitely seems like they did a decent job at taming the sound signatures that made the other models very "love/hate".
  15. Kwangsun
    Trust me, I wish I was asked to sign off on my 1200 dollar purchase from Custom Art. Ei.XX + Music Two + accessories = 1200 dollars. Left on front porch. You don't want that in NY. 
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