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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Yoguy
    I got mine today and I have about an hour of listening time. Some of the earlier posts had me a little worried but I have to say that I very impressed so far. It's still early but I prefer them to my Denon D5000, much nicer treble and I prefer the bass on these as they they seem to dig deeper than the D5000. I'm feeding them with an iPad Air, CCK to Marantz Dac-1 on low gain.  My ears are about average size and I have no fit issues... very comfortable. And those cups just look beautiful :)
  2. kurumaebi
    is thx00 sound fit to maranz dac1? i am now considering purchasing maranz dac1
  3. inseconds99
    At the beginning of this thread, when pad rolling first came up as a discussion, Will had said that changing the pads to the stock TH900 pads would be a bad idea as there would be issues within the treble. I wonder if he ment that the change of pads would once again introduce the peaks of the 900's or if it would just destroy the treble completely.
    Think I am going to place an order for stock th600/900 pads and either lawton or audeze pads very soon to test the differences for myself.
  4. ibs63
    I am confused too.  I guess people like to see the extremes or they need glasses LOL.  I actually appreciate the positive (like mine), the negative and the 'jury is out but meh' impressions so far. As long as I am happy and feel I spent my money well, who am I to tell someone what they like or don't like? The only thing that is slightly annoying are the folks chiming in that the headphone is bad or worse without even testing it first but I know there are folks who like to be salty just because it entertains them.
  5. JamieCole
    Maybe mine will make it tomorrow? :)
    Makes sense, I'm just musing out loud. It's been an interesting experience watching this drop go live all the way to this point. MD and Fostex have, at the very least, captivated and fostered some interesting dialogue. Makes me wonder how much the journey impacts my subjective appreciation of the x00? 
  6. yotacowboy
    Mine arrived today - so far, very, very nice for the $$$
    Currently running them out of an MacBook - bimby - asgard v1 stack: very punchy lower bass response, nothing is sticking out as feeling out of place. Very well balanced phones, very fun balance. Great soundstage for closed phones, too. Just a little bit tipped up over 12khz or so, maybe 1-2db up over "flat", but that may calm down a bit with some break in. smoother lower treble than D2000 plus MarkL mods/Lawton Pads. Phenomenal bass!!!
  7. Peapod
    Mine just arrived in town, so maybe I'll get lucky and get them tomorrow.
  8. ibs63
    Athough I find the pads comfortable, please share your impressions if you do.  
  9. inseconds99
    I most certainly will, though I am currently having a hard time finding stock th600/900 pads anywhere. I actually just email Fostex sales directly to see if they can help.
  10. fjrabon
    scheduled mine for a pickup at the UPS center 8 am wednesday.  whooo.  I am excite.  If this gives me even 1/2 of that D7000 fun that I miss, I'll be a happy camper and these will be a perfect closed companion to the HE400i.  
  11. Audio Addict Contributor

    What usually determines whether a vendor collects is whether they have nexus (a connection) with the state. Massdrop would have nexus in CA as a company based there but could also have nexus in NJ depending on the warehousing arrangement.

    Amazon opened a distrubution in IL this year and now they collect IL sales tax.
  12. Yoguy

    I've not had a chance to try the TH-X00 on any other DACs but I've had my Marantz for close to a year and have no complaints. It seems to do a very good job with all my headphones. You can read up on it here:
    There's a guy that really likes the Marantz with his TH900 in that thread.
  13. fjrabon
    would you be able to recable these with 2.5mm removable connections at the cups without messing with the cups?  My ideal is to have essentially the same cable setup as the new HE400i cable (5 feet with plug in 2.5mm cup ends and a 3.5mm source end termination).  Where would I go to get the 2.5mm ends?  I'd probably just order one of the HiFiMan cables.
  14. james6333
    I have been listening to these for hours now. (Mac min, Burson soloist SL, wyred 4 sound DAC2)

    #1 this is a bass head headphone, bass is very stong on through the mid bass. These have a lot of mid bass but tight mid bass. Those looking for a reference headphone should move along.

    #2 For me they are better than the TH900 I had. I did not like the Th900 as the Mids were way too receced.

    They sound 98% of the Th900 with more Mids. Mids and treble are shelved down from the bass on these too but on the th900 the Mids dipped.

    #3 I feel like they need to be played out to come alive.

    All in all if you want to try the Fostex sound but have been turned off by the price get these and forget about the th900. If you think the th900 have too much bass you will not like these either.

    If you want a bass head headphone but don't want to give up other qualities... These could be your holy grail.

    I have a small head and these fit better than the th900 as they are a little tighter clamping. They hug my head and not my Lower jaw like the th900. My ears do not touch the back of the pads
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  15. JamieCole
    I'm there with you, I enjoy the variety of reviews as well. The diverse interpretation and subjective experience of others is how we learn (if we're open to it) where our own interests and tastes fit along the spectrum. Like you, I don't quite understand the need to chime in or speak with authority about something I haven't personally experienced. Additionally, it's sufficient and perfectly acceptable to state an opinion that is entirely your own (preferably with justifiable reasoning) without having to dismiss the formed opinion of another. I'm not always at my best on this, but I try to be cognizant and respectful of the people, ideas, emotions, and thoughts around me. 
    Silly, we humans are.  
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