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Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by muppetface, Feb 13, 2012.
  1. GU1DO
    For me the the No.1 was the best EQ , i tried the other EQ's , but leveling around 500hrz was just enough
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  2. montanari
    thanks @GU1DO , your pumb works better than mine!
    now i m experimenting like this, so to flatter both the dip..
    fostex dsp.jpg
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  3. Oregonian
    Not sure how they would fare being non-modded since I had the Denon's done by Mark a couple of years before I got the TH900's - in stock form the TH900 had less precise bass, which Lawton's mod took care of.

    As to why I preferred the LA7000 - multiple reasons - there are way less LA7000's around, mine are unique with many mods - a 5' Q French silk cable, HD650 headband pad, Lawton pads, a very rare and unique set of deeper than stock Teak cups from Thailand (possibly one of a kind from member Lohb) on them that are immaculately done (the finish is as flawless as you can dream wood can be finished), were my first TOTL can - back in the day they were among the best available on the market - shows you how far this hobby/business has come in the past 5 or so years, and sound-wise, they were more well rounded to my ears - better mids than the TH900 had when I was doing A/B comparisons - female vocals sounded better to my ears. Bass on both is incredible.

    Look, the TH900 is an exceptional headphone, the delta between it and my LA7000 was so close it was pretty much a push so I went with the more balanced sound along with the cosmetic and rarity reasons listed above. I'll likely keep these till I hand them down to my grandson................

    Looked for a picture of them to no avail.............I need to fix that oversight! They are at work and get used daily so can't snap one till Monday.
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  4. montanari
    Fostex has bigger soundstage
    Sparkler treble detail and more air
    They also sound faster
    Sony looks better build
    They sound darker
    Less detailed and slower
    Very good with dark electro techno but with the rest very boring for My taste
    To me it looks also the bass goes a bit on the foggy low mids..
    At the begining they remind me of hd650, (one of My first headphone, That i still associate to The first love!) in steroid, due to the dark sound, but in reality they have more bass, recessed mids not Like The silky one in the hd650, and the treble doesnt roll off Like The sennheiser
    They were also equipped with a toxic silver poison, never swapped to the stock one.
    At the end of the story I saved Money got a good audiophile experience for free and get back My favourite
    So very happy
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  5. Blueshound24

    Thanks for sharing your impressions! I guess the th900 is more alike the d7k than different, and I won't lose any sleep over not having it. :)
  6. up late
    i have a similar impression of the two tho i didn't find the z1r boring. i also think that the th900 has greater clarity. i couldn't understand how one z1r owner in particular kept insisting that it had more clarity and a larger soundstage, but we all hear differently and ymmv as we like to say around here.
  7. omniweltall
    Z1R was not good at all. Soundstage is big, diffused, and hollow. Overall sound was bad. There is nothing to compare with TH900.

    Build quality is good though, typical Sony. Very very good.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
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  8. up late
    yes, the z1r looks and feels deluxe. i think that's why i kept returning to it. my last audition left me feeling somewhat disappointed with its sound, however.
  9. montanari
    with +3db at3000hz, Q1.5, so to close dip2 they sound a bit warmer
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  10. kingdixon
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  11. George Taylor
    FWIW I am selling my pair of MK1's, they should be listed in the sales area of the site. Just dropped the price a little too.
  12. montanari
    music for th900
    I love my baby
  13. montanari
    c'mon! th900 much better then sony!
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  14. up late
    don't go posting that in the z1r thread :wink:
  15. mt-hifidelity
    Are you still looking to do this? Which Lawton mods were done to your TH900? Just curious why you want do this, since everyone seems to agree the mods help a lot?
    Anyway, I have a TH900MK1, stock. I'd be interested in having one with the cable you posted. My main gripe with the TH900 is that the treble is a touch grating and the mids a tad hollow, and my understanding is that can be addressed through the mods and a cable swap.
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