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Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by muppetface, Feb 13, 2012.
  1. jmills8
    Lawton is full mod, yes it made the headphone more neutral. Mids more up front, bass tighter, treble slightly less harsh. Great for indoors but I use th900 on the go. So the full Lawton hardy ever been used. For outside the extra bass helps push putside noises out.
  2. jmills8
  3. arielext
    I swapped back to stock pads last week just to get a feeling

    If you are used to the leather dekoni pads the stock pads are BRIGHT and imo less comfortable.
    My brain is now so used to the th900/dekoni pads combination that I can finally hear why people say the beyerdynamic t5p are worse (somehow they feel plasticy, like if you can feel and hear the plastic cups)
    Only the mighty HD800s still feels OK, but I miss the low hard hitting bass.
    In the end I swapped back to the dekoni sheep skin pads (got the hybrid as well, they suck imo; never tried the perforated but I'm sceptic about those) and returned to my well known audio nirvana.

    If you have a pair of TH900 and want to tame the highs: try the sheepskin dekoni pads, they tame the highs while keeping the lows
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  4. mt-hifidelity
    Very nice. What kind of cable and wood cups do you have there? Is the cable interchangable or fixed (looks fixed)?
  5. jmills8
    Fixed, wood is thicker and harder than stock earcups so bass is tighter. That cable alone costs 600 USD.
  6. mt-hifidelity
    Got it, makes sense. The V-shaped response would work great outdoors. I'm not quite ready to bring mine outside on the NYC streets just yet, so I'm using them more indoors.
  7. mt-hifidelity
    I see now its 3.5mm single-ended, not balanced. I use all balanced-output from my portable gear, other than the Hugo 2. I don't mean to fixate on using balanced connections but when it comes to the AK SP1000M and WM1Z, I find the balanced outs are superior. What sources are you using?
  8. jmills8
    True those daps have weak amps do they in a way must use balanced.

    Here even the powerful Cowon 4.4 balanced I like to add a real amp.
  9. mt-hifidelity
    Woah. That looks beastly! I'm suitably impressed....and going to go shopping...
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  10. montanari
    sound great in 24/96
  11. jmills8
    A buddies Modded TH900.
    IMG-20190205-WA0006-1.jpg IMG-20190205-WA0005-1.jpg
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  12. up late
    those urushi lacquer ear cups are a thing of beauty
  13. arielext
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  14. up late
    very nice. still prefer the red tho. :relaxed:
  15. montanari

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