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Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by muppetface, Feb 13, 2012.
  1. Darksoul
    People are actually complaining about the highs on the TH900? How "bad" is it? I'm one of those idiots that loves the treble on the Beyerdynamic line, I love the highs on my T1, in fact anything that has less treble than that I consider it to be veiled and muffled.
  2. JSBachFan
    I can only agree. I liked the Beyers and love the TH900s. Some people say loving highs comes with age :ksc75smile:. In my case that might be true, but as far as I can remember I always found little highs a bit muffled and the ear doctor never told me that anything is wrong there. So maybe it is just personal preference ...
  3. Litlgi74
    Hello Friends...

    Just wanted to say hello and express how much I truly love the sound of my TH900s. I purchased them used from another member for a very good price. They came with stock, Dekoni sheep skin, as well as stock TH610 pads. I am currently using the TH610s just because I like a snugger fit.

    Back to how much I love the sound of these headphones... I recently attended CanJam in NYC... Next time I go, I will be sure to bring my TH900s for reference. I tried most headphones and I few IEMs. I can honestly say that only one pair of headphones impressed me. But non really wowed me like the TH900s. For me, the TH900s have an emotional, magical, bring me to tears type of sound.

    Because most of my friends aren't really into high end audio... I am unable to demo most high end headphones without purchasing them. I was extremely grateful for the Benchmark booth at CanJam... I was able to listen to a variety of well known high end cans (Sennheiser HD800s, Focal Utopia, HifiMan HE1000s, Audeze LCDs, etc) on the same system with the same music. But non of them gave me that holy crap moment, like every time I put on my TH900s. Adding to the problem was the overall noise of the show... but I was not really wowed with anything I heard at CanJam.

    I did get to listen to the STAX SR-009S. They were impressive. To me, they had a similar sound to the TH900s. The made the music come to life in an exciting way. But I think you would need to be single or live in a house with a dedicated listening room to enjoy them. With a wife and two small boys... I don't think I'll get to enjoy open back headphones anytime soon! :)

    My only negative for this TH900 headphone is the fit... I wish everything about it felt snugger (if that is a word) and more secure. I'd like a bit more clamp pressure as well as cans that stay in the same place regardless head of movement.

    I am currently streaming my library to my TH900s via Roon ROCK > RME ADI-2 DAC > Intel NUC.

    PS... I spoke with the owner of Dekoni Audio at CanJam... He said that new suede pads for the TH900s may be coming to market in the near future. I purchased a pair of suede pads for my Sony WH1000XM3s... Loving how they feel vs stock!

    Thanks for listening.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
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  4. up late
    you should be ok with the th900's treble
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  5. Rayzilla
    Welcome to the 900 club!

    Are the pads on these Sony 1000XM series headphones easy to change, particularly the XM2? Are they Sony replacement pads or aftermarket? Thanks.
  6. Litlgi74
    The pads are aftermarket from Dekoni Audio. The are very easy to change... just a little courage and five minutes of your time.
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  7. djricekcn
    I'm having an extreme hard time removing the pads from the TH900, how do I do it. I tried pinching and twisting CCW, but it's not budging on either Left or Right side. I even tried, CW but it does nothing. I've been at this for like 2-3 hours
  8. jmills8
    Maybe better ask your husband to turn it for you. Turn left like opening a jar.
  9. kingdixon
    See if this can help

  10. mt-hifidelity
    Another option is to remove the earpads from the inner disc, and then the disc itself from the headphones. I find that easier to do instead of the method shown in the video which shows them removing the disc along with the earpad at the same time. To remove the earpad you can grasp a bit of the earpad material between your thumb and index finger on one side of the pad and pull it gently away from the edge of the inner plastic disc. Once you get it loosened up in one area continue all the way around until the earpad comes off. That leaves the disc exposed inside the headphone cup. At that point you can 'unlock' the disc by turning it counter-clockwise and then it should come free. Then you can put the new earpad onto the disc and finally insert the disc tabs into the earcup and turn it clockwise to lock it into place.
  11. montanari

    Xiu Xiu - 2019 - Girl With Basket Of Fruit
    th900 best heaphone you can use to enjoy it!
  12. Ake_Y
    Hello all,

    In my country, MK1 price is around 950 USD, while MK2's is around 1580 USD. From what I understand, differences between those two is only removable cable. Here are my questions :

    1. Does the 4-pin XLR balanced cable make the significant differences in terms of sound? If the differences do not worth for 630 USD price tag differences + 300 USD 4-pin XLR cable, I might go for MK1 instead of MK2.

    2. Currently, ATH-W5000 is on Massdrop sale. Could you please compare overall sound between TH-900 and W5000? Which one you prefer?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
  13. Yevgen Chupak
    U can easily reterminate that cable to balanced XLR.
    I did it on my TH600. It's really simple and gonna takes about 20 mins of your time. You gonna need to cut the wire. Clean it up. Neutrick NC4MX or analog. Solder Wire. WBT, ELSOLD or similar and soldering iron.

    and in 20 mins u gonna get yourself fully balanced Fostex TH
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  14. Yevgen Chupak
    viber image 2019-03-13 , 08.41.28.jpg
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  15. fotomeow
    I have the Mk1’s. The difference is in the drivers of each model.
    And the ability of the driver to control the cone more accurately.

    Don’t quote me, but the Mk1 Gaussian or Gauss is like a 1.0 rating
    And the MkII Gauss is like a 1.5, meaning it has (theoretically)
    better cone control and therefore better accuracy.

    But it all depends on what your ears like
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