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Fostex T50RP Incremental Mods and Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bluemonkeyflyer, Jul 15, 2012.
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  1. Reima
    I have a T50RP that I modded by adding plasticine, some cotton and removed the covering on the ear side of the drive. Even with these mods the T50RP was anemic and thin sounding, I much preferred my modded Grado SR60i but the wife always complained that my music was disturbing her so back to the T50RP I went. I decided to get a pair of the ZMF lambskin oval pads with I installed today. All I can say is wow! These pads made a much bigger change than I expected, the phones are no longer anemic, now there is plenty bass and I am hearing low end details that I never heard before in familiar music. I have some wire and xlr connectors on order so that I can go balanced.
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  2. axtran

    I love that leather seal. :)
  3. big45-70
    How do I get rid off this darn rattle during certain bass freq's on my right side?
  4. tvou88
    I have the same problem on left side.. :frowning2:

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  5. bluemonkeyflyer
    Several others have had this problem. I've replaced 5 or 6 diaphragms for guys because the faulty ones were warped. The hypothesis is that the warped diaphragms vibrate against the magnets due to greater excursion from bass freqs. I think I posted pictures within this thread; maybe the first post.
  6. hemipowered007
    1st run, maple test piece, baffle not shown. Next run, maple baffle with black limba cups, 2 bass ports on top 20170401_163051.jpg
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  7. axtran
    Noticed some chatter about wood mods for T50RP, so I decided to also post the link to this thread instead of just the MK3 thread. :)
    @hemipowered007 here is my finalized build, I have a list of parts on the Imgur link. @fleasbaby artisan work!
  8. hemipowered007

    Very nice! Mine are almost done, I think. How do those sound? As beautiful as they look?
  9. axtran

    Yes. I should be sleeping right now but I'm cycling through genres again... they're so pleasant. I purposely added no dampening or any filler to the cups, I wanted to really know that the wood was doing all of the work. Gabon Ebony and I are long-time friends, a favorite clarinet of mine in my youth was made of it--a lovely distinct color and smell that you'll never forget.
  10. hemipowered007

    That's fantastic, I hope to have my father in law whip some up out of xoxobolo after he's done with the black limba. The cups are press fit to the custom baffles,making it easy to deal cups/mod cups. Can't wait to see what he does with it all
  11. axtran

    Cocobolo is a beautiful wood! I'm obsessed with Gabon Ebony, which is REALLY expensive and difficult to procure. Luckily for me, the SO's family owns a few hobby woodworking shops.
  12. stephengee77
    Does anyone know if its possible to buy a single t50rp driver, either version? I kinda killed mine by accident...
  13. axtran

    Yes, you can buy them from Full Compass. Not cheap, though.
  14. WoodyLuvr
    Good day, which mod version/variant is considered the best in terms of providing super isolation (best sealed/closed can) with a non-fatiguing sound signature and long-term comfort?

    My preferred music genre is slow electronic (ambient, classic, downtempo, new age: e.g. Jarre, Vangelis, Schulze, Eno, Grosskopf, Enya, Lana Del Rey, Pyrdz, etc.).

    Considering the following:

    Mod Foundation Kit: Use the Mayflower kit with the baffle upgrade as a starting foundation to work from with any/all required additions to improve the isolation and get a non-fatiguing sound... what say you?

    Ear Pads Mod: ZMF Lambskin Ovals or MrSpeakers Alpha Pads

    Head Strap Mod: ZMF Lambskin Pilot Pad; MrSpeakers Leather Comfort Strap; or ModHouseAudio Deerskin Suspension Strap​
  15. GREQ
    Best isolation I think goes to the Paxmate lattice mod - that thing beats pretty much any consumer/fashion/studio closed-back headphone for natural attenuation.

    You can also add paxmate around the front of the baffle for a tiny bit more isolation, and doesn't hurt the sound either.
    Last edited: May 15, 2017
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