For 6AS7G tube rollers here .....

  1. attmci
    You always got the best deals.

    Watch out for those clear-top 2399. Now I know why those "5998" vs "421A" debating came from.

    I agree with Jamie except the " or 2" LOL: "If you can find a 1950s 5998 clear top grab it quick its defiantly a level or 2 above both my single and twin getter 5998s and I would go so far as to say I prefer it to the WE421a. With the clear top the 5998 essentially it looks near identical to the WE421a and I would say its a good mix of combining both the detail and musicality of the two separate tubes."
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  2. mordy
    Hi attmci,

    Gibosi is the one who gets the best deals - just ask him....
    What I learned from him is to check often and to look for rebranded tubes, and to identify unbranded or mislabeled offers.
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  3. Scutey
    I've just bought a Chatham 6as7g from ebay for $12, however the centre pin has broken off, i'm assuming that it should still be fine to use in my soon to arrive Darkvoice, does anybody know if my assumption is right?.
  4. gibosi
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  5. Scutey
    gibosi, thanks for confirming for me, just wanted to make sure, thanks also for sharing the link for those socket key saver, that's a great idea, first I will have a go at fitting it without just a bit of concentration and a steady hand required
    but if my nerve runs out I will defo get some!.
  6. LouisArmstrong
    Hi Skylab, haven't seen you for a while. Do you still consider the Leben CS300XS the best tube amp for headphones? I still remember the lush sound but wonder you have found anything that is even better.
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  7. Skylab Contributor
    Hey there Satchmo,

    I’m still around, but I don’t post a whole lot anymore. My kids are grown now, and off at college, so while I listen to music a LOT, it’s mostly through speakers these days.i don’t think I’m a good authority anymore on what’s new in headphone amps. But I too sometimes miss that beautiful Leben Sound :wink:
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  8. Rossliew
    Methinks @Skylab loves his vintage gear more :)
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  9. Skylab Contributor
    Yup, that’s 100% true. Still using my Pioneer SX-1980 both with my Audeze headphones and with Pioneer DSS-9 speakers. And loving it :)
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  10. Rossliew
    What do you think of the Luxman R-1050?
  11. mordy
    Hi Skylab,

    Oldies but goodies.... I am using an old 80's Sony 1110W integrated amp and I really like it. But...there is always better - depends on how much you want to spend. Can't beat the price of that old Sony - it was free.....
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  12. attmci
    His SX-1980 is the most powerful one for speakers.
  13. angpsi
  14. attmci
    Not me. You? :)

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