For 6AS7G tube rollers here .....

  1. mordy
    Yes - hope you did not pay too much for them. The Svetlanas are OK, but there are better sounding ones out there. A good sounding 6AS7G that is inexpensive is the RCA. I had very good results pairing the RCA 6AS7G with Foton 6N8S that can be bought for $3-4 each including shipping.
  2. rexhu100
    Any idea why 6080 tubes never got the attentions that 6SN7 tubes got?
  3. gug42
    They are not very linear nor the best sounding. 6SN7 are very linear and very good sounding ....
    The 6AS7G/6080 are interesting because they have very low internal impedance and can be use without output transformer for lowering the cost of the amp.

    And well the "hype" is around the 6SN7, for sure, can't do anything about this :)
  4. mordy
    Hi rexhu100,

    The amp I have (Feliks Audio Euforia) uses four tubes, 6SN7 family as drivers, and 6AS7/6080 type tubes as power tubes, so I have rolled quite a few different 6080 tubes. (RCA, Tung Sol, HP, Sylvania, Philips, Chatham, Mullard)

    IMHO the best sounding 6080 is the GEC 6080, but they are very expensive.

    A lot of the sound quality has to do with synergy between the driver and power tubes. It is possible to get great sound in my amp with very inexpensive Foton 6SN7 equivalents and RCA 6AS7G tubes.
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  5. rexhu100
    I do see a lot of examples using 6080 as the power tube. Which is why I think it's strange that I rarely see any efforts to replicate the old tubes by companies like Psvane, which makes many new 6SN7 tubes.
  6. mordy
    Interesting observation. To the best of my knowledge there are no present manufacturers of either the 6AS7 and the 6080 tubes - must be that there are plenty of them around.
    The greatest availability is the Svetlana 6N13S/6H13C or similar Russian 6AS7 equivalents. And as you know, this tube is used for a number of forgeries under various famous names.
  7. gug42
    The only advantage of the 6AS7 famillies is the low internant impedance (and of course low output impedance)
    - Can be used without output transformer (low output impedance needed, with some counter reaction it s possible)
    - With output transformer, large impedance adaptation ca be possible

    And the limited dissipation of that tube limits the usage .... to headphones amp or very sensitivity speaker ...

    Indeed they are not very linear tube .... Well if a modern compagnie could build a very linear, good souding, and low impedance tubes, it could be very interesting !
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  8. rexhu100
    Like many people pointed out in this thread, the WE 421A tube is pretty highly regarded (and expensive too!), so I'm very surprised that companies like Psvane, which seems to be obsessed with WE tubes (they have a WE Series!), is not making a replica of this tube. CRAZY!
  9. attmci
    I am not sure if they can replica the QC of the WE421A. Otherwise, all the new "421A" may have to go to land fill.
  10. gug42

    For sure the WE421A is now expensive, but it's remain a tube with a max dissipation of 15W, max anode of 270V, and not really considered as the most linear. Advantages are double triode (usefull for push pull or parallel SE) and low internal impedance. So not so linear nor famous than the 2A3 (for the same power class).

    For building a high end headphone amp with two stage there is some really good choice on the market actually like KT66 or 2A3 ....

    And aggree with attmci quality control could be a subject.

    And remember the tube market is really small, the headphone amp is small too .... and the headphone tube amp are really really small ...
    And you can already but a good and powerfull headphone amp with tubes available .... and the most exepensive part of the amp are not the tubes, for sure, but good quality transformers and capa too (I know it, I'm building an SE amp).

    But for sure, in the modern production, if we could have a tube designed for headphone amp, it wil be a really cool thing : low internal impedance, linear, good sounding, dual triode, limited voltage needed. Hope for the best and let see if shuguang (or other) do it :)

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  11. Skylab Contributor
    There are MOUNTAINS of the 6N13S/6H13C. You can easily buy them by the case of 100 for $1 a tube.
  12. attmci
    [ATTMCI Said]There could be MOUNTAINS of the 5998. You can easily buy them by the case of 100 for $30 a tube.
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  13. Skylab Contributor
    It would be awesome if there were mountains of 5998’s!
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  14. L0rdGwyn
    Hey ya'll - I've searched this thread for answers, looking for someone to clarify if there is a discernible sonic difference between a Tung Sol 6AS7G and the Tung Sol 6520. Seems that most have said that the differences are "subtle" or there are none to be heard.

    Anyone have firsthand experience and be willing to share? I have a nice pair of TS/Chatham 6AS7G's that I really like in my BH Crack, wondering if it's worth hunting down the 6520 or if I'd be wasting my money.
  15. attmci
    Don't have a 6520.

    But look at the pictures in the thread, and make sure you get the middle one and let us know the results.
    May I suggest you to try a 5998 first?
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