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flinkenick's 17 Flagship IEM Shootout Thread (and general high-end portable audio discussion)

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  1. proedros
    nic , i would also suggest a 'value-for-money' ranking, since you have ciems costing 1000-2500$ in your list
    always nice rewarding those ciems who shoot beyond their price
    just a thought [​IMG] 
    ps : you can make that just a top-5 , no point in displeasing any overpriced ciems in your shoot-out
  2. ngoshawk

    I think top five is extremely fair. Maybe use 6-10 as tiebreakers? When I give tests for Science Olympiad, my first tiebreaker is always time used to take the test; followed by the questions in order (unless I have a Performance Event, then that is too tiebreaker).

    As for another suggestion: since the CA Andro has a "very good sibling" in the CA Vega, might that be one of the mystery four? Hopeful that it is, and another hearty thank you for doing this! My interest in this fine site continues to grow.

    Happy Friday, all! And Happy Saturday to our breathren across the globe.
  3. flinkenick
    Yes value is always a big issue, but it's very hard to judge what increment in price is worth the improvement. However, you'll see by the scores of the different aspects that iems can match or outperform others regardless of price.
    Thanks that's a nice suggestion. Maybe everyone can do a top 10, and the last 5 will only count in case of ties to make it more fun :wink: There are still a few weeks left to decide.
    I only want to do one iem per company. I could consider substituting Vega for Andro though as I have it, I just haven't gotten round to listening to it much yet. An advantage would be that it is a dyanamic driver, there's only one in there so far.
    ngoshawk likes this.
  4. flinkenick

    The Mellianus and PP8 are both intruiging iems. But I can't even find an email address for Oriolus, and Inear replied they were too busy to consider reviews or something last time. I might consider giving them another try later on as a lot of people seem to be interested. 
  5. flinkenick
    Alright guys here's the next one, no point in keeping it longer.


                                                      1964 AUDIO A18 TZAR

  6. CraftyClown

    I got the same kind of response from Marco at inear as they were rushing to get units out on time and they were working all hours of the day. You may have more success if you ask again now, seeing as the Prophile-8 is now out in the wild.
  7. omastic
    Wow. I absolutely loved FFAB 1, eagerly waiting for FFAB 2, and now we have "ranking the stars" in the making! Nothing's more fun than the suspense of a gradually unfolding TOTL IEM shootout! Thanks @flinkenick for the initiative. Head-fi will be a fun place to be in the next few months it seems. 
    I'm a former owner of the W500 reference and a current (thoroughly satisfied) owner of the Samba. Since you've already auditioned both, I believe you are aware of the fundamental differences in tuning between the two.
    Personally I feel the W500 is a good tier or 2 below the Samba. The W500 has good bass thanks to its dynamic driver, but its treble extension is one of the poorest I have ever heard in an IEM and the mid performance is barely average. I never found the bass to be extraordinary either, just good. In general I happen to think AAW stuffs are "meh" at best as far as sonic fidelity goes. 
    flinkenick likes this.
  8. EagleWings
    Way to go Nic! I look forward to reading the comparisons.
  9. PinkyPowers
    The new 64Audio flagship just made this shootout all the more interesting.

    The U12 is unbelievably good and continues to impress me beyond all hope or expectation. Between the ADEL Zeus and the Tzar, we're in for one hell of a fight. :D
  10. AnnaMatronic
    Hoping to see Obravo's EAMT and 64's Tia Fourte on the list!
  11. Cecala
    Super thread, subbed.
  12. Jalo

    Nic, you said you will do one per company. Is that mean you are not going to do the Tia Forte? It seems the Tia is more interesting than the Tsar due to its new design.
  13. jmills8
    one per company unless that company makes another special iem.:thumbsup:
  14. flinkenick
    I would have liked to see Tia Fourte in there as well, but this is the arrangement I could make with 1964. They have their reasons for A18, and I'm not really in a position to complain :wink: 
  15. darveniza
    The new Mellianus and Prophile 8 should be in there to keep with new lineup for 2017
    EagleWings likes this.
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